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Employee engagement is an essential strategic imperative for any organisation. However, global research by Gallup consistently illustrates that on average up to 63% of employees are not engaged, and a further 24% are actively disengaged – leaving only 13% of employees who are fully engaged in their work. Such engagement levels threaten the bottom line and represent a significant opportunity cost to organisations of all sizes and types.

Leaders are left with two fundamental questions:
1. How engaged are the people who work in our organisation?
2. And more importantly… What are we going to do about it?


Globally benchmarking your organisation – The Gallup Q12 survey



IMI have partnered with Gallup to incorporate the Q12 as a part of our Driving Engagement programme, should you wish to avail of it. This tool represents the global gold standard in measuring organisational engagement.

IMI’s Driving Engagement programme supports organisations need to develop a firm understanding of the science of employee engagement and the levers at their disposal to improve it in their organisation. Secondly, it helps establish an engagement baseline – the current level of engagement of their employees. Finally, it enables leaders to develop a realistic strategic action plan that will turn engagement from an organisational imperative into a competitive advantage.

For whom

Driving Engagement is relevant to any business leader who wants to measure, understand and activate the levels of engagement within their organisation, in order to drive better results. The programme will be particularly valuable to organisations that have not previously surveyed their staff engagement levels, or who have not done so for some time and want to do so in a way that allows them to benchmark themselves against a global standard linked to better performance.

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Location: IMI Sandyford Campus
  • Next Programme: 29.05.2015
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 €1,070 €€1,310


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Next programme dates:

28 & 29 May 2015


Subsequent programme dates:

01 & 02 October 2015



Driving Engagement involves two classroom days in workshops at IMI’s National Management Campus. The programme is structured in three phases, outlined below.



A two day workshop held at IMI in will introduce you to the key principles of engagement and a best-practice engagement toolkit.  It will introduce and review the Gallup Q12 survey in detail, and support you in practically planning how to introduce and deploy this survey at all levels of your organisation in a positive manner to elicit a strong, accurate response rate. Workshop content will include:

  • The business case – why do we care about engagement?
  • The effect of disengagement, and recognising the signs.
  • What is the true purpose of your organsiation?
  • Best practice levers of engagement – what they are and how they are most effectively deployed.
  • The Gallup Q12 tool – structure and rationale, frequently asked questions.
  • Survey communication and deployment planning – how to introduce and deploy the Gallup Q12.
  • Interpreting and communicating initial results.

You will leave with a thorough understanding of the links between engagement and performance.

PHASE 2: (Optional) 

You will be given a four week period in which to deploy the Gallup Q12 survey across your organisation.

PHASE 3: (Optional) 

A one day workshop held at IMI subsequent to the completion of your engagement survey. This workshop will help you understand the key messages in your survey feedback, and, more importantly, translate this feedback into a prioritised and implementable strategic action plan. Workshop content will include:

  • Results debrief – interpreting and understanding your survey results.
  • Benchmarking – comparing your results to Irish and international norms.
  • Action planning – identifying quick wins, prioritising strategic engagement projects, setting realistic targets.
  • Communication – how to positively share results across your organisation.
  • Engagement dialogue – building momentum and sustaining involvement within your organisation over time.

Email us today at programmeadvisors@imi.ie

Next programme dates:

28 & 29 May 2015


Subsequent programme dates:

01 & 02 October 2015


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