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“Export led growth requires a whole of enterprise approach. This includes the need for enterprises to embrace innovation, enhance productivity, and improve competitiveness – critical factors for international growth”.

Forfás. (2010) Making it happen – Growing Enterprise for Ireland.

IMI has developed this programme for those executives who are looking to develop international business competencies in their companies, in order to exploit opportunities in existing and emerging markets and also as identified in recent Forfás reports on international business skills gaps in Irish based enterprises.

Taking a “whole of enterprise approach”, the IMI Diploma in International Business Development will help to develop international business capabilities in not just your sales and marketing department but across all the functions of your organisation.

Who This Programme Is For

Professionals from Irish export focused SMEs, Irish multinationals and affiliates of foreign multinationals based in Ireland, either in the manufacturing or internationally traded services sectors, who wish to develop their competencies in international business, particularly global management and international marketing, in order to enhance their current capabilities to manage across multiple jurisdictions or to grow their businesses in the dynamic global marketplace.

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  • Duration: 18 Days
  • Location: IMI Campus
  • Next Programme: 11.11.2015
  • Modules: 6


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Next programme start dates: 11, 12, 13 November 2015

Module 1: 11, 12, 13 November 2015

Module 2: 02, 03, 04 December 2015

Module 3: 06, 07, 08 January 2016

Module 4: 03, 04, 05 February 2016

Module 5: 02, 03, 04 March 2016

Module 6: 06, 07, 08 April 2016





Programme Impact

Graduating participants will be able to:

  • Participate effectively in the global strategic management process in his/her organisation, including global strategy analysis, development and implementation.
  • Ascertain the cultural and communication challenges of international business to devise an appropriate organisational response and build individual cultural agility.
  • Critically analyse the customer’s buying process and deploy the appropriate marketing and sales response for market penetration, through the development of strong negotiation and partnering skills.
  • Critically evaluate the current sales pipeline process and recommend the optimum approach for market penetration, which will involve the building of relationship management skills.
  • Develop skills to effectively manage cross cultural virtual teams and the transfer of knowledge between organisational entities in different countries.
  • Build self awareness in their ability to manage in an international business environment, both internally in their organisation and externally as an international business professional and to also develop their professional and managerial capabilities.
  • Enhance awareness of the global business environment in order to identify opportunities to optimise existing operations and team development strategies to generate a competitive advantage for the firm.
  • Leverage the global business environment to develop distinctive competencies and a sustainable competitive advantage in innovation and knowledge management.
Programme Content

Global Strategic Management Process

Global Strategic Analysis

Business Model, Mission, Vision, Goals

Environmental Analysis

  • Macro
  • Industry
  • Firm

Continuous Intelligence Gathering

Global Strategy Development

  • Business Level Strategies
    • Strategic Positioning
  • Functional Level Strategies
    • Global Marketing
      • Routes to market
      • Strategic selling
      • International buying process
      • Sales process
      • Channel Marketing
    • Global Operations & Supply Chain
    • International Team & Resource Development
  • Corporate Strategies 

Global Strategy Implementation

  • Global Organisational Design, Structure, Culture and Control
  • Global Business Ethics & Governance

International Business Skills

  • Negotiation and Relationship Management Skills
  • International Communication & Presentation skills
  • Cross Cultural Understanding
  • Virtual Team Management Skills

Global Leadership

Programme Features

Teaching Style

Teaching will be based on group discussions, small group and individual exercises. A feature will be the use of case studies to illustrate how the theory of international business can be applied practically to business problems. These will include analysis of international business topics in a variety of Irish and multinational contexts, bringing major global business issues to the fore in robust classroom debate.

Skills Development

Participants will develop a toolkit of actual skills, in negotiation, relationship management, cross cultural understanding, presentation, communication and virtual team management, that can be used in any international business context.

Visiting Speaker Series

Key note speakers will deliver a number of current international business topics. Industry practitioners will also share their experience on international business topics to help link theory to practice, in extended Q&A sessions. These sessions will give participants the opportunity to debate international business issues with, and learn techniques from, a series of individuals who have faced leadership challenges at the highest level.

Internal Consultancy

Some assessment will be project based and centred on linking academic theory to real business situations in the participant’s organisation to potentially help solve existing problems or gain further insight into the organisation and access to senior managers.

Learning Environment & Networking

Modules will be delivered in a structured learning environment at the IMI campus in Sandyford, Co. Dublin, where participants will have the opportunity to network and share experiences with participants from other organisations. Participants will also have access to all of the IMI’s state of the art resources, both on-line and on-site.


A mentor will be appointed to facilitate mobilisation in an international organisation or support a work-based project. These sessions will help participants to develop a bespoke personal action plan to support their leadership development.


Participants are required to provide evidence of relevant work-based learning at a
management level and/or should hold a relevant academic qualification at primary degree

Successful participants will be awarded the IMI Diploma in International Business Development.

This qualification is accredited and awarded by University College Cork – National University of Ireland, Cork.

The IMI Diploma in International Business Development is academically equivalent to a Postgraduate Certificate (level 9) Minor Award on the National Framework of Qualifications.

By completing this award, you will also earn one-third of the credits required to be awarded the IMI Master of Business qualification.

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Next programme start dates: 11, 12, 13 November 2015

Module 1: 11, 12, 13 November 2015

Module 2: 02, 03, 04 December 2015

Module 3: 06, 07, 08 January 2016

Module 4: 03, 04, 05 February 2016

Module 5: 02, 03, 04 March 2016

Module 6: 06, 07, 08 April 2016









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