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The IMI Diploma in Marketing & Digital Strategy offers the vital ingredients to business development, sales and marketing managers to take the lead in their market place.

It offers a pragmatic approach to becoming market driven and creating more value for your customers. Your view on marketing and its value will be changed forever and your business will move from surviving to thriving.

If you agree that it is time to move the conversation on from budgeting, figures and managing the now and on to leading the company into the future or that your business is ready to look outward to the market and the customer needs again, it is vital that you or a member of your team sign up for the IMI Diploma in Marketing and Digital Strategy.

After all, ‘Your customer is your only profit centre’ – Philip Kotler

Who This Programme Is For

This programme is for business professionals seeking to develop their strategic abilities from a marketing perspective so as to drive growth for the company.

The programme will progress from up to date marketing concepts to the tools and techniques of strategic marketing management. It is ideal for marketing, sales and business development professionals who have a primary degree and/or professional marketing qualification (MMII graduateship or international equivalent) and who now have significant marketing responsibility.

Those without formal qualifications but with significant experience will be considered on a case by case basis. The programme is also suited to those from a different discipline who have business experience in a relevant management role.


Pathway Options

 Masters in Business Practice

mob digi

  • Duration: 18 Days
  • Location: IMI Campus
  • Next Programme: 14.11.2016
  • Modules: 6


Corporate Member


Non-IMI Member

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Next programme start dates:

Module 1; 14, 15, 16 November 2016

Module 2; 12, 13, 14 December 2016

Module 3; 09, 10, 11 January 2017

Module 4; 13, 14, 15 February 2017

Module 5; 13, 14, 15 March 2017

Module 6; 10, 11, 12 April 2017

Programme Impact

Your approach will become more market driving because you will have the information and the insights, the tools and the techniques and the energy and motivation to be one step ahead of your customers. In this way you will be bringing them the best approach or the best product because you will know the market changes, the competitors activity, the customers new needs and your own skills and capability to deliver.

You will be able to:

  • Gather insights on the changing market space within which you compete by knowing the appropriate questions to ask and the research tools to answer them.
  • Look at other business models that give a competitive advantage.
  • Identify and build on the strengths, skills and the product and service within your company.
  • Position the business for advantage in a competitive environment.
  • Design and implement a marketing plan which will identify real opportunities for the business to act on.
  • Join the digital marketing debate and apply technology with measurable results.
  • Assess marketing performance in financial terms to allow you have that conversation with the financial controller and have the budget you need to market the business.
Programme Content

Strategy and Marketing Planning

  • Strategic marketing in a down market
  • The role of marketing in strategy development
  • Strategy development process
  • Marketing strategies – identifying options
  • Strategies for achieving advantage/gaining new advantage
  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Strategic leadership

Digital Marketing

  • Internet marketing strategy – its fit in the mix
  • Relationship marketing using the Internet
  • Multi-channel communications strategy including website, online PR, affiliate marketing, email and mobile text messaging and social media
  • Delivering an online customer experience
  • Search engine marketing
  • Managing the performance of digital channels

Marketing Analysis for Foresight and Insight

  • Contemporary market research techniques
  • Understanding contemporary buyer behaviour
  • Review of business buying behaviour
  • Building a competitive intelligence database

Marketing as Value Creation

  • Researching and developing the value proposition
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Positioning for advantage
  • Strategic brand management – managing brand equity
  • Services marketing management
  • Developing customer relationships
  • Innovation and new product development
  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • IT enabling value creation in marketing
  • Global/international marketing strategies

Marketing and Finance

  • Profitable pricing strategies
  • Managing the interface with finance
  • Shareholder value analysis
  • Budgeting: linking the marketing plan to budgets
  • Marketing metrics
  • Investment appraisal

Personal Development for Successful Leadership and Marketing Implementation

  • Leadership – understand your personal leadership style
  • Communicating the marketing mission and messages internally
  • Change management
  • Developing and using influence
  • Liaising with other functions
Programme Features

Personal Development

The programme focus is not just on developing your expertise as a marketing professional but alsoaddresses your role as a leader in the organisation and your ability to drive the market focus of the organisation.

Case Studies and Industry Guest Speakers

IMI’s teaching methods feature relevant case studies and contributions from industry guest speakers. These in conjunction witha diverse participant mix will expose you to many of the contemporary challenges ofmarking and best practice.

Peer Learning and Collaboration

Often marketing professionals work in isolation. Case study groups and action learning elements provide an interactive and rich learning environment. This will help strengthen your problem solving skills. Peer learning is enhanced by the breadth anddepth of the group’s business experience and sectoral expertise. Participants aredrawn from a range of sectors – B2B, FMCG, B2C and services businesses.

Practical Application to Your Business

Assignments and class work are aimed at assisting you toown context thus allowing you to contribute to your organisation at a more strategic level.

Strategic Marketing Plan

As part of the programme assessment you will complete a marketing plan for your business (or SBU, productor channel plan). This will provide a rich learning experience and is a very tangible return from the programme for your organisation.

Participant Testimonials

“At last a highly appraised education programme that meets all my needs! Heading up a European marketing function I needed a programme that allowed me to maintain my travel commitments and busy work schedule.

This is a high level intensive programme that was flexible enough to meet my needs and wants with the opportunity to go on and gain practical insight into other areas of the business through the Masters of Business. The range and quality of lecturers was second to none.

Rarely did I finish a day of college or an assignment without practical ideas for implementation. I’m looking forward to developing even further through the Masters of Business programme.”

- Michelle Wallace, Marketing Director, Data Centre Services
Colt Technology Services

“As a digital beacon brand, it is imperative that we lead from the front in the area of digital marketing as a whole. One of the key benefits of this programme was the detailed dissection and embodiment of industry recognised marketing frameworks and tools, which have aided the conversion of the conversation from subjective based opinions to fact-based decision making.

This element alone immediately benefited the strategic direction of my organisation even before the programme has concluded.“

- Warren Cray, E-Commerce Director
Trader Media Group

“As a chartered accountant very often discussions with my clients revolve around cash-flow and working capital issues. By undertaking the IMI Diploma in Strategic Marketing I am able to change the conversation.

Now I am able to credibly assess my clients’ marketing strategies and offer some insights into what’s best practice. This is very important, as many companies do not have any marketing awareness or capability – with my knowledge I am able to outline the importance of why marketing should be brought front and center of a company’s strategy.”

- David Lucey, ACA, Senior Development Advisor, Engineering Markets
Enterprise Ireland

“The Diploma in Strategic Marketing Management was a great experience. It broadened my knowledge of marketing and most importantly the IMI made it relevant to my work. The lectures are superb and the course content is relevant and topical

JP Montgomery, Commercial Project Manager, Dun Laoighre Harbour Company

“There is a great mix of subjects with a focus on the current challenges around measurement and digital marketing.

Also the quality of the lectures is great with resident IMI lecturers and master classes from international contributors.”

Nuala Culhane, Head of Sales and Marketing, 48


“The Diploma in Strategic Marketing helped me to put a framework on a lot of my day to day work, allowing me to step back and think about it more strategically and contribute more to the organisation.

The faculty and international contributors were world class and really challenged my thinking. I also found the mix of participants a real source of learning and a great network for the future.”

- Ken Collins, Head of Tesco Express stores
Tesco Ireland

“I would have no hesitation in recommending the IMI Diploma in Marketing Strategy with Digital Marketing to others. The content, delivered by internal faculty and key figures from industry, was of a very high standard.

For me personally, it was critical that I could take away key learning’s that could be applied to the business on a practical level as we look to grow revenues in African and European markets. Academic models, along with practical guidelines, taught me how our organisation can offer differentiated, sustainable value to target customers.

The programme gave me the ability to segment the marketplace, in order to choose segments that best match our capabilities. One of the key insights for me was the need to shift from product focus to focusing on customers needs. A company will be successful if they can offer products that are tailored exactly to meeting the needs of their customers.”

- Paul Crawford
DAQS Europe

“As the managing director of an SME, I was immediately engaged when I read the advertisement for the Diploma in Marketing Strategy with Digital Marketing. The course has given me an excellent understanding of how to create a dynamic, effective and differentiated marketing campaign and the importance of ensuring that any marketing conducted must be professionally executed.

Above all else, I have real clarity in relation to how under-resourced our marketing has been and I can see clearly now just how fatal an error that has been. If we want to seriously grow our revenues, then we must invest in sound marketing campaigns. I could highly recommend this course to any business but, in particular, to SMEs.”

- Sinead O Connor, Manager
Killarney Holiday Village

Payment Options

For 2016, the IMI offers promotional rates* and innovative payment options that make our programmes more accessible than ever.

IMI prices are inclusive of teaching materials, meals and parking at the IMI Campus. These prices are only guaranteed for the 2016 intake of IMI Diplomas. We offer all our IMI Diploma participants a 10% discount on double rooms at the IMI National Management Centre.

Organisations that purchase several IMI Diploma places in any calendar year may be eligible for MoB Corporate Partnership. By becoming an MoB Corporate Partner, your organisation can avail of considerable additional price discounts and other benefits. For more information on IMI pricing, financing options and MoB Corporate Partnership, contact the team at 1800 22 33 88 or email

Monthly Payments

Pay for your IMI Diploma by monthly payments spread over the duration of the programme. There is no interest charged for choosing this payment option. Terms and conditions apply.

IMI Staged Payments

Pay for 60% of your course in advance of its commencement and pay the 40% balance before the start of your fourth module.

Tax Relief on Tuition Fees

If you are paying for your tuition fees yourself, it is now possible to apply to the Revenue Commissioners for tax relief for this IMI programme. The amount of relief available varies from person to person, and may be as high as €1,400. Tax relief is allowable per programme, per participant, per academic year. Relief will not be available for any part of tuition fees which are met directly, or indirectly, by grants, scholarships, employer payments etc. Please see for further information on how to apply for this relief. All decisions on individual tax relief requests are subject to the discretion of the Revenue Commissioners.

Reflective Integrated Assignment

Completion of the MBS in Business Practice pathway is contingent on participants completing the RIA (5 credits) capstone assignment. Guidance is offered through a compulsory one-day facilitated workshop and ongoing support and access to the IMI Knowledge Centre is also provided at a cost of €650. Payment is due on acceptance of Diploma three.

For more information on IMI pricing, financing options and MoB Corporate Partnership, contact the team at 1800 22 33 88 or email


*Pricing subject to change

Just 3 Steps to a Master of Business

The Master of Business is based around a framework of fifteen IMI Diploma Programmes and BRP.

By completing either of the four pathways below within a five year timeframe, you will earn the required amount of credits to be conferred the title ‘MSc or MBS in Business Practice’, ‘MSc in Data Business or ‘MSc in Digital Business’. The IMI Masters of Business Framework is validated and awarded by University College Cork – National University of Ireland, Cork. A new MSc in Organisational Coaching Implementation is pending review and will be available in October 2016.

New pathways msc digi

How does it work?

Step 1: Successfully complete any one of the IMI’s suite of fifteen IMI Diploma programmes.
Step 2: Successfully complete a second IMI Diploma of your choosing achieving an overall grade average of 2.1.
Step 3: Successfully complete the IMI Business Research Project or a third IMI Diploma of your choosing and a Reflective Integrated Assignment (RIA).

Separate to their individual pathways, it must be noted that the IMI Diploma in Data Business Part 1 or the IMI Diploma in Digital Business Part 1 can be taken as the first, second or third diploma in the journey towards an MSc in Business Practice or MBS in Business Practice.


A key feature of the IMI MoB Framework is its flexible timeframe, which allows you to tailor your participation around work/life demands. Whereas each of the steps takes approximately six months to complete, you have a five year window within which to complete all required steps and attain the Masters. Therefore, depending on your preference, you can complete the taught element of the IMI MoB Framework in as little as 18 months. You must complete all elements of the IMI MoB Framework within five years.

The MoB philosophy

Unlike traditional MBAs and Business Masters, the IMI MoB Framework is driven by an intensely practical, action learning philosophy. Throughout the programme, classroom learning is applied to real-life business challenges via exercises, group work, case studies and projects that centre on both your day-to-day work and the challenges currently facing your organisation. Both you and your organisation will derive genuine real-world benefits from your participation.

Who is eligible?

Participants are required to provide evidence of relevant work-based learning at a management level and / or should hold a relevant academic qualification at primary degree level.

To clarify your status or to find out more contact or Freephone 1800 22 33 88.

Participants are required to provide evidence of relevant work-based learning at management level and/or should hold a relevant academic qualification at primary degree level.

Successful participants will be awarded both the IMI Diploma in Marketing and Digital Strategy and the UCC Postgraduate Certificate in Marketing and Digital Strategy. The Postgraduate Certificate qualification is validated and awarded by University College Cork – National University of Ireland, Cork and is a Level 9, Minor Award on National Framework of Qualifications.

By completing this programme you will also earn one-third of the credits required to be awarded the Master of Business qualification.

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Next programme start dates:

Module 1; 14, 15, 16 November 2016

Module 2; 12, 13, 14 December 2016

Module 3; 09, 10, 11 January 2017

Module 4; 13, 14, 15 February 2017

Module 5; 13, 14, 15 March 2017

Module 6; 10, 11, 12 April 2017

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