IMI Launches de Bono Thinking Courses

The Irish Management Institute today announced a partnership with the de Bono Foundation which will see IMI offer courses and training based on the thinking techniques pioneered by Dr Edward de Bono.

“Edward de Bono is a pioneer, a unique figure who has had a major impact on innovation and creativity – two commodities that will play a key role in helping Ireland get out of our difficulties. One of his crucial insights was in realising that these qualities can be taught, trained and developed. I am delighted to welcome the establishment of training courses in Ireland based on his ground-breaking conclusions, I congratulate the IMI and all involved in bringing this about, and I wish it every success”, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD said welcomed the new partnership.

De Bono, the father of lateral thinking has developed a number of ground-breaking thinking methods including the ‘Six Thinking Hats’, delivered a Master-class for managers and business people at the IMI Conference Centre in Sandyford to mark the launch of the new partnership.

These thinking techniques have great application to the world of business and “disrupt dominant thinking patterns, allowing managers and teams to overcome the limitations of their previous ways of thinking,” Dr de Bono commented.

These lateral thinking skills can be learnt and this initiative by the IMI represents a “unique intersection of creative and business thinking,” putting those who study these courses at the IMI at the leading edge of business innovation.

Details of the de Bono courses will be announced as part of the IMI autumn schedule of programmes.

Dr Phil Nolan, IMI’s Executive Chairman said de Bono’s methods are of great use to organisations. “Developing Edward de Bono’s principles of co-operative and collaborative thinking in teams will improve problem solving and decision-making in companies and organisations, ultimately delivering better outcomes and higher productivity.”

The de Bono courses will include topics such as:

‘Six Thinking Hats – Parallel Thinking for World Class Teamwork’ which drives effectiveness within teams through focused thinking, as well as moving teams away from traditional adversarial to co-operative thinking.

‘Lateral Thinking’ will help develop systems that generate alternatives that go far beyond the more immediate, obvious solutions.

‘The Power of Perception,’ will detail ten strategies for sharpening perception and focusing thinking in a more comprehensive, effective and efficient way.

Simplicity will teach people to end habits that are no longer necessary, stop duplication of tasks and challenge every aspect of business to enable higher performance.

There will also be a course for facilitators which combines the three core de Bono ‘Thinking Systems’ to enable the facilitator achieve their aims more effectively and efficiently.

This initiative with the de Bono Foundation enhances the IMI offering which it has been developing in alliance with University College Cork (UCC) since June last year.