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The Henley MBA knows no geographical boundaries, wherever you go it is instantly recognised as a world-leading qualification of the highest standard.

Over 7,000 experienced managers, working at an executive level, studying for a Henley MBA in more than 140 countries can't be wrong! Added to that, there is a growing alumni network, featuring more than 30,000 members worldwide.

Henley Business School is the world's third largest supplier of MBA education and one of Europe's largest full-service business schools. Henley was the first business school in the UK, and one of the oldest in Europe. It is one of the few global business schools to hold triple accreditation:



Symbols of Accreditation

  • AACSB (the international association for management education in the US)
  • EQUIS (the quality assurance standard of the European Foundation for Management Development)
  • AMBA (the Association of MBAs)

Henley comprises five distinct Schools: Economics, Management, the ICMA Centre, Real Estate & Planning, and Executive Education

Henley received the Queen's Award for Enterprise in the International Trade Category in 2006.

While there are many different teaching modes, there is only one Henley MBA which is an internationally recognised post experience qualification.

In 2003, IMI launched their support and delivery of the full Henley MBA programme in Ireland. Since 2003, the programme has attracted over 300 participants representing managers from a broad range of industry sectors including financial services, ICT, pharmaceuticals and a range of public sector organisations. The Henley MBA, in partnership with IMI, is a practical and solutions focused programme that addresses the fundamental needs of today?s busy manager.

Application Documents
Henley MBA Application Form: Word or PDF
Henley MBA Reference Form: Word or PDF

  • Duration: 30 Months
  • Location: IMI and UK
  • Next Programme: 24.10.2014
Fee (IMI member) Fee (Non member)
Stage 1: €9,250 Stage 1: €9,250
Stage 2: €9,250 Stage 2: €9,250
Stage 3: €9,000 Stage 3: €9,000
Total: €27,500  Total: €27,500 

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Next programme start dates: 24 October 2014

The Henley MBA incorporating the Henley Diploma in Management is delivered through blended learning at the IMI. This mode comprises: self-study, tutorial support and residential workshops supplemented with access to the Henley e-Learning and e-Library environments, on-line support, a dedicated personal tutor and skills based workshops. It is ideal for those who cannot, for work or personal reasons, commit to a full-time programme. Overall duration 36 months.

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Stage 1: Managing the organisation
The Henley Starter Workshop

Key themes include:

  • the values and ethos of Henley Business School
  • the thinking in relation to strategy and management practice today
  • the expectations embedded within Henley’s approach to learning
  • how to structure and develop an evidence based argument
  • an understanding of what theory is
  • an understanding of the fundamentals of research methodology and key research approaches
  • an understanding of the meaning of “critical thinking”
  • writing skills and the distinction between descriptive versus analytical writing
  • how to structure and compose written assignments in the context of Henley’s expectations
Managing People and Performance (with elective pathway)

Key themes include:

  • the impact of context and culture
  • understanding behaviour and motivation
  • leadership
  • managing performance
  • coaching, training, development and organisational learning
  • team working and talent management
Managing Processes, Systems and Projects (with elective pathway)

Key themes include:

  • business process mapping
  • value chains
  • make or buy decisions
  • capacity management
  • quality processes
  • continuous improvement
  • knowledge management
Managing Financial Resources

Key themes include:

  • financial statements
  • financial planning and budgeting
  • management accounting and decision making
  • financial analysis and valuation
  • demand and supply analysis
  • cost analysis and market structure
Personal Development

Reviews learning styles and team roles. It looks at self awareness and helps establish individual priorities and values. It then asks the participant to identify their personal strengths and weaknesses and perform a gap analysis for further development.


Each module is assessed through the completion of a workbased assignment.

Examination 1

A case study based examination is held upon completion of the three main modules. The Henley starter workshop content is not examined.


Approximately 9-12 months

Stage 2: Making choices

Stage 2 is explicitly commercial and strategic.

Strategy and International Business (with elective pathway)

Key themes include:

  • resources and capabilities
  • competition and collaboration
  • diversification and focus
  • emergent and deliberate approaches
  • complexity theory and real options
  • business ethics and sustainability
  • the social impact of business on society
Strategic Marketing (with elective pathway)

Key themes include:

  • brands
  • customer relationship management
  • reputation
  • marketing communications
  • electronic and mobile commerce and consumer behaviour
Corporate Finance and Governance (with elective pathway)

Key themes include:

  • financing policy
  • investor and dividend policy
  • cost of financing capital
  • changing ownership structures
  • value based management
  • value incentive plans
  • primary treasury functions
  • the development of corporate governance practice
Personal Development

This module examines how work, employment and career are rapidly changing. It looks at the participant’s priorities and examines their career anchors in the context of global citizenship. It also helps to place the participant’s career in context and develop a strategy for the future.


Each module is assessed through the completion of a work-based assignment.

Exam 2

A case study based examination is held upon completion of the three main modules.


Approximately 12 months

Stage 3: Making a difference
Leadership and Change (with elective pathway)

Key themes include:

  • change architecture
  • leadership models
  • power and politics
  • organisational development and growth
  • learning organisations
  • knowledge management
Reputation and Relationships (with elective pathway)

Key themes include:

  • challenge of developing and managing organisational reputation
  • reputation
  • responsibility
  • value creation
  • understanding stakeholder relationships
  • personal and organisational ethics
  • good governance
The Manager as Investigator

Key themes include:

  • research approaches
  • research design
  • literature reviews
  • data collection and analysis
  • research writing
The Management Challenge

A research-based management project that requires you to apply a range of knowledge and skills to a real organisational issue or problem and, through rigorous analysis, generate relevant and practicable solutions or recommendations. In developing the Challenge you are required to use your intellect, self-discipline and organisational skills in a self-managed way to produce a piece of work that demonstrates you can work at masters level and add value to the organisation for whom you undertake the Challenge, as well as managing your own learning and development.

Personal Development

This stage identifies the effective behaviours to drive outcomes for the individual, organisation and community. It reviews the skills for building and working in teams while developing leadership skills for the future.


Leadership and Change and Reputation and Relationships are assessed through assignments.

1 Management Challenge


Approximately 12 months

Applicants must have a minimum of three years managerial experience and a primary degree or equivalent qualification. For the diploma programme you are required to have a minimum of 3 years managerial experience.

For whom

The Henley MBA is a post-experience qualification programme for experienced and practicing managers, normally with a primary degree or equivalent and at least 3 years’ management experience. The typical participant has several years’ professional experience and often works as a manager or senior functional specialist or exercises more general responsibility within a small organisation or business unit.

Application Documents

Henley MBA Application Form: Word or PDF
Henley MBA Reference Form: Word or PDF

The programme is accredited by the University of Reading.


Email us today at programmeadvisors@imi.ie

Next programme start dates: 24 October 2014


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