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You want your managers to stay informed on trends that are impacting your business.

This programme is open to all organisations regardless of size or sector and offers a foundation level entry point to the IMI and a community of leaders and managers who understand the connection between good management and business performance.

INFORM offers your organisation a viable solution to the Learning & Development needs of your people. The Masterclass series and the National Management Conference provide your teams with global trends and insights, while our CDPs and our broad range of programmes, enable application to improve performance. Our Knowledge Centre acts as a just-in-time resource to support your strategic thinking and doing.

INFORM Membership Benefits…

 • A key element of your people development strategy

• The go-to place for all things strategy, people and talent related

• Unrivalled access to leading thinking and organisational resources

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Global thought leaders on organisations, leadership, management and people share their ‘next practice’ ideas in half-day Masterclasses.


Masterclass 1 – Jennifer Petriglieri

Feb 21st, 2017: Surviving and Thriving – Dual Career Couples 

Jennifer Petriglieri is Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD. Jennifer is rated as one of best business school professors under the age of 40 and was short-listed for the Thinkers50 Radar Award in 2015.

In this session, Jennifer Petriglieri will share some of the findings from her ongoing research on dual career couples. She will touch on the changing nature of romance and careers, question the myth of the “perfect relationship”, offer some practical insights for those navigating love and work and discuss the organisational implications of the rise of dual career couples.



Masterclass 2 – Manfred Kets de Vries

May 24th, (Cork) & May 25th (Dublin): Leadership & Beyond 

Manfred is the Distinguished Clinical Professor of Leadership Development and Organisational Change at INSEAD, France, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi. He is also a psychoanalyst (member of IPA, CPS, PPS) and the Founder of INSEAD’s Global Leadership Centre. He is the author, co-author, or editor of 48 books and more than 400 articles.

In this session, Manfred will help you better understand the dynamics of leadership, teams, and organisational culture. According to Manfred, organisations are like automobiles. They don’t run themselves, except downhill. What distinguish great organisations from mediocre ones are the attitudes of its people! Anyone wanting to create or manage an effective organisation needs to understand the dynamics of leadership, teams, and organisational culture.



Masterclass 3 – Chris Zook

Nov 16th, 2017: Barriers and Pathways to Sustainable Growth 

Chris Zook is a partner in Bain & Company’s Boston office in the U.S. During his more than 25 years at Bain, Chris has specialised in helping companies find new sources of profitable growth. A best-selling author, Chris published his fifth book, The Founder’s Mentality (Harvard Business Review Press), in 2016.

In this session, Chris will leverage insights based on a decade-long study of companies in more than 40 countries and show how leaders can overcome the predictable crises of growth and set their companies on a path of sustainable growth.



Practical sessions led by IMI Faculty and focused on current challenges to keep your management practice and knowhow fresh and up-to-date.


Series 1 – Philip Mathews

Mar 9th, 2017: Why fostering a growth mindset in organisations matters



Series 2 – Fiona Buckley

Jun 15th, 2017 : A growth mindset through the lens of trust, commitment and engagement



Series 3 – David Cornick

Nov 30th, 2017: Connecting technology leadership with a growth mindset


Offering practical resources to help your managers manage with confidence and take charge of their own professional development

The Knowledge Hub offers your managers access to the biggest and best collection of business and management resources available to organisations in Ireland today. Available online 24/7, this invaluable resource provides on the job support to managers at all levels within your organisation.

Our flagship annual conference for your CEO and Senior Executive Team. Save the date: 28th Sept 2017.


Saving you some time, this new webinar series delivers a digital experience with flexible, easily accessible live and recorded online webinars drawn from our panel of global thought leaders across leadership and strategy.

Avail of generous preferential rates on all IMI Diploma and Short Programmes. Click here for a full listing of programmes and dates.

When you need a change of environment to do your best thinking and strategising, the IMI Campus is ideal for focused and productive meetings. Complimentary meeting space is available to your top team on a quarterly basis. Terms and Conditions apply

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