Transform Membership


Insight and practical support in implementing ‘next practices’ in leadership, talent strategy and mentoring within your organisation.


This programme is for organisations that want to achieve a step change in performance. TRANSFORM builds on the insights of INFORM, sharpens the focus and works with you to implement ‘next practice’ thinking in your organisation.

It offers you a unique collaborative learning environment, bringing you together with your peers in leading organisations and a range of experts, local and international, on people and leadership.

TRANSFORM Membership Benefits…

  • Receive all the benefits of INFORM Membership plus more
  • New insights that can be directly applied to give your organisation an edge
  • International talent practitioners offering hands-on support to enhance your talent strategy
  • A unique cross-company mentoring opportunity for your top talent
  • A confidential and exclusive senior peer network

List of functions for events

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An open yet confidential space for senior HR Practitioners with a talent remit to meet their peers to share challenges & experiences – and hear from international thinkers and leading practitioners.

The Talent Forum will:

  1. Unite academic research and organisational practice to demystify Talent Management Strategy
  2. Provide local expertise to help you translate global next practice for your organisation
  3. Deliver tangible takeaways from the series for you to use in your organisation



Talent Forum 1 – Kevin Mulcahy 

The (un)known (un)known’s of Talent Strategy: Assumptions and Expectations for your Talent Strategy design

Thur Feb 16 2017, 4:00PM-6:00PM, IMI Conference Centre, Dublin 16

Kevin Mulcahy is a Graduate of Trinity College Dublin and Boston College, lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a partner at Future Workplace and a cohost of The Future Workplace Network; a membership community for HR executives. Kevin coaches on leadership effectiveness at the Harvard Business School and is an adjunct faculty member at Babson College.

Forward-looking HR organisations tend to have a formal and disciplined process for tracking trends to help them win in the talent marketplace. When we anticipate the future, we are essentially making assumptions about what will happen. The assumptions we make are our expectations of the trends we expect to see.

This session will introduce you to a recommended framework for documenting your assumptions to help you more thoughtfully prepare for your future workplace experience. Kevin will outline the macro drivers that these companies are responding to, and offer some rules to guide you in rethinking, reimagining, and reinventing your organisation.


Talent Forum 2 – Rob Cross

Embedding Talent into your Business Strategy: The power of leadership, influence and networks 

Wed., April 5 2017, 4:00PM-6:00PM, IMI Conference Centre, Dublin 16

Rob Cross is a professor of commerce at University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. His research focuses on how relationships and informal networks in organisations can provide competitive advantage in knowledge-intensive work.

This session will describe how successful leaders obtain performance impact through unit level networks by:

  • Managing the centre of the network
  • Leveraging the periphery of the network
  • Selectively bridging organisational silos: Facilitating effective collaboration at key intersections in the network (such as across functional lines or physical distance)
  • Developing awareness of colleagues’ expertise throughout the network
  • Minimising insularity: Managing targeted relations with key internal and external clients and stakeholders

The presentation will interactively take participants through these network dimensions as well as illustrate where rising stars undermine their effectiveness by falling into one of six common network ”traps”.


Talent Forum 3 – Dana Minbaeva

From Analytics to Insight – using talent data for better talent strategy

Thur. Oct 12 2017, 4:00PM-6:00PM, IMI Conference Centre, Dublin 16

Dana Minbaeva is a Professor of Strategic and Global Human Resource Management at the Copenhagen Business School. Her research on strategic international HRM, knowledge sharing and transfer in multinational corporations has appeared in publications such as Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Human Resource Management, and many others.

As the founder of the Human Capital Analytics Group back in 2013, Dana will provide knowledge that will enable organisations to measure the impact of human capital on business goals and use this to make evidence-based decisions.

Dana will focus is on making analytical human capital research accessible, comprehensible and to bring it closer to practice by co-creating and transferring knowledge to organisations.

The session will inspire companies to use advanced academic research and analytics to become more competitive, co-create new knowledge and help guide practical application through collaborative research within industry.


Key Dates:


Fabio Grassi

May 10th May: High Performance Teams

One of the most popular and best performing programmes, this will help in developing your team leadership skills, your understanding of team roles and dynamics. Unlike many other management programmes it takes a deep dive into the behavioural aspects of managing a group of people to excel and to achieve high performance. This programme is designed for managers who are moving to manage a team within an organisation or who need to understand the dynamics of teams in the context of the modern organisation – whether in a matrix or hierarchical structure.


Tara Nolan

Oct 5th: Coaching for Business Results

Coaching has slowly become an ‘essential skill’ for every people manager. Coaching has proved to be an effective tool in supporting the empowerment, engagement and accountability of team members. Instead of hiring external expertise, organisations often want to develop the coaching skills of their own management, because commitment to coaching often needs to start at the top; allowing the benefits of coaching to filter down through direct reports.

network mentors

A cross organisational mentor network facilitated by the IMI and bringing together experienced leaders and mid-career high potentials – focused on professional and personal development.

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  For your organisation:

  • Invaluable support for your talent strategy
  • Expertise in developing and sustaining a mentoring culture within your organisation
  • A high level peer network for your senior executives


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  For your talent:

  • Exposure to senior executive expertise and insight from other industries and professions
  • A confidential space to discuss their professional and personal development challenges
  • Access to IMI insight through expert-led developmental workshops


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  Taking part – what’s involved?

  • Identify two or more senior executives with an interest in and a flair for mentoring
  • Nominate two or more high potential mentees with at least 50% to be female
  • Volunteer one “Organisation Sponsor” and one “Mentor Network Champion” to act as key point of contact and driver for the initiative
  • Participate in an IMI Mentoring Workshop (Mentors & Mentees)



This series will provide you with a forum to personally meet and ask specific questions to thought leaders and business practitioners who we invite to IMI.