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Innovative problem solving is a two-day training programme that explores how to apply innovation and creativity in a structured process that helps provide solutions to identified and emerging challenges that you face within the workplace.

Whether you are a strategic planner, project leader, manager, or individual contributor, becoming an innovative problem solver will enhance your success.


  • Highly engaging ,interactive and practical class.
  • Explore problem solving and innovation tools, processes, and techniques.
  • Learn how to apply innovation to problems and processes in a structured way to deliver results.
  • Receive a take-away problem solving and innovation toolkit.


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  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Location: IMI Campus
  • Next Programme: 26.04.2018
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€1,145 €1,385


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Next Programme Dates:

26, 27 April 2018


Day 1
You will explore 3-types of innovation, Incremental, Disruptive, and Blue-Sky, and learn how and where to apply these processes. You will then examine the elements required for successful innovation, including: Mindset, Environment, and the Human Brain.

We will identify and explore the barriers and enablers to innovation and how to maximize the enablers while minimizing and overcoming the barriers. You will then learn a range of innovative techniques for dealing with problems. You will practice a range of proven techniques for approaching and overcoming problems.

Day 2
You will be introduced to the DEEP process(Diagnose-Explore-Evaluate-Produce) and learn a range of tools and techniques to apply at each stage of this innovative problem solving process. You will constantly apply these techniques to a range of problems to develop competency in applying the techniques.


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Next Programme Dates:

26, 27 April 2018


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