Facilitating Senior Teams


Organisations today operate in an environment where the ability to make coherent decisions is a key strategic enabler. The responsibility for making these vital choices often falls to the CEO and their senior team.

The complexities of today’s business often causes organisations to make decisions that either are too quick, risky and poorly informed or to slow waiting for a change in the market or the availability of ever more elusive data.

IMI’s experience informs us that senior executives are increasingly challenged in this process due to a range of very recognisable pressures. All too often, the need to “make the numbers”, defence of organisational turf, or differences in personality type can mean delay or avoidance of major decisions.  An IMI senior team facilitator adds value by:

  • Assisting the team to organise and interpret available information and paint a complete and realistic picture of the situation
  • Keeping the team focused on the core common objectives while avoiding multiple hidden agendas from interference.
  • Guide the top team to make sound decisions while reaching the full team commitment to follow through.

What kind of business issues get facilitated?

Top teams are normally concerned with defining organisational strategy and developing the strategy implementation processes from mission to vision to strategic choices. A competent and guided facilitation helps a top team to work through the most appropriate process to achieve clarity and focus.

Most often top team members wear their own function’s hat and they see themselves as independent agents, competing for attention and resources, with the duty to defend their own perspective and responsibilities. The facilitation process cuts through personal issues to enable the group to act as a team by understanding each other, how to work together in the best way possible and define their commitment to hold each other accountable for following through decisions.

In truth the top team is the core engine that has the power to influence organisational culture by becoming personal exemplars of acceptable values and behaviours. Our expert facilitators can work with your top team as it leads the process of defining and implementing the organisational culture that drives business objectives.

Distinct Competence

Given our position in industry and extensive experience in working with organisations of all types and size, IMI has a range of expert facilitators who are expert in engaging with senior teams. IMI facilitators have both a deep understanding of the process and also have significant experience of strategic and organisational issues. We have experts in strategic management fields such as Strategy Formulation, Organisational Change and Engagement. Each facilitator has access to a wide range of tried and tested facilitative processes that can be adapted to your organisation’s specifc context to maximise outcomes.

For more information on our tailored solutions please email solutions@imi.ie