Front Line Management

Download the IMI Certificate in Front Line Management brochure here

This programme requires 8 or more participants and can be run in-company. Talk to our Tailored Solutions team for more details.

Why develop your front line managers?

Managers of front line employees are crucial to the organisation as they play a direct role in engaging with employees. Line managers who develop positive working relationships with their teams can create an environment that inspires employees to commit to change, it allows the organisation to work together as a unit.

IMI has firmly established its reputation as the developer of choice in Ireland for Front Line Management training, having supported managers or team leaders since 2003.

Who gets developed?

Our programmes are tailored to meet the needs of organisations in transition that have a requirement to:

  • Develop people who have just transitioned into management in the last six months
  • Develop team leaders who have been targeted for management positions in the near future
  • Build the competence and confidence of team leaders who were, up to recently team members

Key features of Front-Line Management programmes

Every programme is uniquely designed to deliver greater value through the development of this crucial resource.

Competence to get the job done

Our participants learn by doing and everything is taught through experiential learning.  Participants are fully engaged in practical taught sessions, group activity, and individual practice skills sessions.  They leave us with a comprehensive toolbox for management and all they need to put this into practice.

Confidence in managing others

Transitioning from a peer to a manager can be challenging.  Our expert facilitators are all trained coaches and mentors.  As a result of our supportive environment, participants tell us levels of discomfort around managing others are significantly reduced as a result of our programmes.

Getting things done – the art of delegation

A common challenge for all managers is their ability to deliver results through people. Our programmes help people stop doing and start managing.

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