Graduate Development

Why develop your graduates?

The generation of graduates entering the workforce today are variously known as Generation Y, Millennials and the Internet Generation. Research and practical experience tells us they “will not, indeed cannot, assimilate into corporate culture as easily as previous generations”. However these graduates have huge potential. They are ‘native speakers of electronics’; they know how to source information and apply it.  Furthermore their willingness to take risks, try new things, and propose new ideas and ways of doing things is of huge benefit to you as an employer.

Who gets developed?

There are many misconceptions, half-truths and myths regarding generation Y graduates. At IMI we have unparalleled experience in developing this generation in anexecutive education sense. Our track record of designing and executing practical developmental programmes that deliver real business results is second-to-none.

The IMI’s experience of running graduate programmes over the last decade, coupled with recent research has confirmed some of the more challenging attitudes this generation share:

  • They have high self-esteem and often don’t respect either authority or experience and can be unaware of the impact their style has on others
  • They find it hard to receive constructive criticism
  • They often blame others for their own mistakes
  • They expect to be promoted early and often because small successes in childhood were constantly rewarded

If you recognize these attitudes amongst the graduates you recruit and if you want to fully harness your graduates’ potential, then an IMI development programme may be beneficial.

Key features of IMI graduate development programmes

IMI has been at the forefront of post-university Graduate Development for over a decade. Our reputation has been enhanced through partnerships with many of Ireland’s most successful companies, and our innovative design and delivery of graduate development programmes is been informed by the practical realities that our clients face.

It is within this context that we deliver graduate development programmes with a strong emphasise on behavioural skills. Our clients’ experience illustrates that attrition rates within the first two years are reduced when expectations around behaviour are set at the beginning of a graduate’s organisational life. Accelerating personal and behavioural skills within an organisation’s culture is key in both a graduate’s early success and their organisational longevity.

Our graduate development programmes feature three key elements integral to the success of outstanding graduate development:

  • Accelerated Development – development starts at the point of career entry. As a result our programmes equip graduates with the skills to hone their professionalism and assimilate into organisational culture quickly and successfully.
  • Practical Outcomes – graduate participants set their learning objectives in consultation with their line manager. Their development is aligned with business needs and enables them to deliver practical results when they return to the workplace.
  • ‘Responsibility Ready’ – graduates progress fastest when their company is committed to giving them responsibility. Our mantra is ‘if you’re good enough, you’re old enough’. Our programmes equip graduates with the skills, competence, confidence and resilience to be ready for responsibility from the outset of their careers.
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