High Potential Development

‘98% of companies surveyed purposefully identified high potentials’

Harvard Business Review 2010

Why develop your talent?

Ireland’s best performing companies invest significantly in high potential talent development in order to:

  1. Optimise and accelerate the impact that their talent can make on the business.
  2. Create a leadership succession pipeline to future proof the bench strength of their organisation.
  3. Build competitive advantage.

IMI specialises in designing and delivering world-class high potential development programmes. These programmes are tailored to build your company’s competitive advantage through harnessing the impact of your high potential talent. These programmes deliver tangible results that have a lasting impact on the future success of your organisation.

Who gets developed?

Management competency is just one criterion for participation in a high potential development programme. High potential candidates are distinguished by superior levels of performance, and by role modelling behaviours that reflect your company’s leadership values. Moreover, they demonstrate a strong capacity to grow and succeed.

IMI principles for high potential development

IMI high potential development programmes focus on fine-tuning leadership skills and driving behavioural change, within the broader context of leading a business into the future. No two high potential development programmes are the same, as to succeed they must reflect the strategic needs, culture, value and competitive context of your organisation. However certain principles form the basis for any successful high potential development programme.

  • Engaging: Participants are constantly engaged through an integrated learning experience. Each participant’s leadership journey connects best practice at both a personal developmental level and a real business level.
  • Integrated: All too often, executive education programmes lack integration across themes. IMI high potential development programmes are meticulously designed to ensure that each theme logically follows and builds upon those that went before to create a seamlessly integrated experience.
  • Practical: The tools, skills and frameworks introduced as part of any development programme are of little use to a participant unless they are facilitated and challenged to apply these new capabilities to practical business problems. Real-world application is integrated into the design of IMI high potential development programmes. Practical application is supported with constructive feedback from specialist contributors and coaches, and shared with line managers so that key learning can be translated to the workplace.
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