Applications – FAQs

Am I eligible for an IMI Diploma/Masters programme?

We look for experienced executives with demonstrated business experience. Postgraduate candidates are required to provide evidence of relevant work-based learning at a management level and/or should hold a relevant academic qualification at primary degree level. We invite candidates to apply from a diverse range of sectors, industries, countries, and backgrounds to encourage a rich and divergent learning environment.

Each IMI program has its own requirements in terms of suitability and admissions are a selective process which takes professional achievement, current role and organisational responsibility in to account. Typically, candidates should have at least 10 years of work experience and, due to the practical, applied nature of IMI courses, be in employment.

How do I apply for a course?

The first step is to determine which course, Diploma or Masters Programme is right for you. We would encourage candidates to engage with our team of Programme Advisors who can discuss your desired learning outcomes, fields of interest and requirements and advice on the potential options.

Email or call 1800 22 33 88 to start your learning journey.

Completing your application form:

The application form is available from the Programme Advisors. Please answer all questions thoroughly; the Registrar’s office will consider only completed applications. Before submitting your application, print or copy it for your records.

Once completed and submitted your application will be reviewed by the Programme Director for your chosen course who will contact you and discuss the programme and your participation in more detail. This usually takes place via an arranged phone call, but may be face-to-face.

If successful, candidates will be made a formal Offer of Acceptance, to which a written response is required within 14 days. Once accepted we will ask for you to provide further details and to arrange payment of the course fees.

I have successfully completed an IMI Diploma, how do I apply for Part 2 or Part 3 of the Masters programme?

Congratulations! We are delighted that you will be continuing to invest in your development at the IMI.
As an existing IMI Masters candidate you will have met the general entry requirements. The Programme Advisors team will guide you through the process of enrolling for the next step and in selecting the appropriate pathway. Some candidates will discuss the Masters as a whole from Day 1, others will chose each step of the way. It’s your Masters journey and we will help you navigate it.

In order to save you the time and effort of applying anew the Registrar’s office will review your existing application and there may be no formal requirement to speak to the Programme Director, although this can be arranged if it would be helpful to you.
Should you be accepted for your chosen diploma you will receive an Offer of Acceptance and the enrolment process would be as it was for your initial application.

Are IMI Diploma graduates automatically eligible to continue their studies in order to obtain a Master’s Degree?

Applications for IMI Masters of Business candidates are required to earn an average 2:1 in their first two IMI Diplomas before being accepted to progress to the final stage of the MSc or MBS in Business Practice. Should you not achieve the required grade in order to receive the Masters, you can still complete as many IMI Diplomas as you wish over any time frame to add to your qualifications.

If you require further information regarding eligibility this please contact our Registrar’s Office on 01 207 8574.

IMI Masters Degree Pathway

I need my organisation’s support to attend – can you help me?

Due to the high impact nature of IMI programmes the majority of our participants will seek some form of organisational support. The IMI have a helpful business case document which can help you to put together a compelling and effective business case for an employer’s ROI in developing you. Download here.

How do I pay the course fees and when are the fees required?

Participants taking up the offer of a place on a programme agree to pay the programme fees in full or in part, in agreement with terms put forward by IMI. We provide guidance, invoice and receipt for all payments as well as several options to help you manage payment of the fees.
In circumstances where an Offer of Acceptance is made less than four weeks (28 days) before the commencement of the programme, the requested fees are payable immediately on receipt of invoice.

Full terms and conditions concerning payments are included in the Offer letter or from We accept all major credit/debit cards and Electronic Funds Transfer.

Does the IMI accept international students?

Yes, subject to meeting the programme selection criteria and guaranteeing the course fees in full upon request. All applicants whose first language is not English will be required to show evidence of the successful completion of an IELTS or TOEFL test. The English language requirement for our programmes is an IELTS score of 6.5.

It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that they meet the Visa entry requirements to Ireland and the IMI do not provide documentation for Visa applications and no correspondence in this regard will be entered into by IMI. It should be noted that all IMI programmes are offered on a part-time basis and are non-residential in nature.

Can I receive Tax relief on programme fees?

If you are paying for your course fees yourself, it is now possible to apply to the Revenue Commissioners for tax relief for education courses. The amount of relief available varies depending on individual circumstances, and may be as high as €1,400. Tax relief is allowable per programme, per participant, per academic year. Relief will not be available for any part of tuition fees which are met directly, or indirectly, by grants, scholarships, employer payments etc.
Please see for further information on how to apply for this relief. All decisions on individual tax relief requests are subject to the discretion of the Revenue Commissioners and not the IMI.

How can I connect to the IMI online?

To keep up do to date with the latest in management thinking, get updates on news, IMI events and to share your experience, join IMI’s community online by following us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the IMI Blog.

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Does the IMI offer customised courses?

Yes. The IMI is the only Business School in Ireland to be globally ranked for the provision of customised executive education by the Financial Times (FT), a position it has maintained in 2015 and for seven consecutive years. IMI have the in-house capability to design, co-create and deliver world class bespoke solutions for your business. Please contact for more information.