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Oct 2019

The Customer Journey in the Age of Distraction

Customers are distracted. Too much noise and too much information, it's getting harder for organisation's to provide a smooth customer experience in this age of distraction. For CEOs, this requires a whole re-imagining of their own role that brings them away from spreadsheets and back into the customer's world.
Oct 2018
Sep 2019

The Multi-Generational Workforce

It will soon be commonplace to have up to five different generations of workers in the same organisation. This month's IMI Insights explores what today's leaders need to do to get the best out of each generation.
Sep 2018
Aug 2019

RoboLeader: Leadership in the Age of AI and Automation

AI is here, but it wasn’t what we were expecting. In this month's IMI Insights, we explore how leaders can prepare themselves and their organisations for the age of AI and Automation.
Aug 2018
Jul 2019

The Mind of a Leader

As the business environment becomes ever more competitive, disruptive and complex, future-fit leaders are required to be agile in how they think about problems, and how they deliver solutions. To achieve this requires a holistic development approach that links the leaders mindset to performance – it requires a ‘Performance Mindset’.
Jul 2018
Jun 2019

The Leader’s Role in Strategy Execution

In this month's Insights, we look at the leader's role in strategy execution, how they can create a strategic dialogue with stakeholders, prevent common errors, spot where a strategy should be adjusted and creating buy-in for the whole process.
Jun 2018
May 2019

It’s Rarely Either/Or: The Grey World of Decision-Making

Individuals makes tens of thousands of decisions every day - an organisation makes millions. For senior leaders looking for a competitive edge, improving their and their organisation's decision-making abilities can have a powerful effect on performance.
May 2018
Apr 2019

Trust and Leadership: Build Trust in a Post-Truth World

In a world of 'alternative facts', trust has never been so important. In this month's insights, we look at trust levels across the world, how trust effects business performance and bottom-line results, and how to build trust both as a leader and as an organisation.
Apr 2018
Mar 2019

Women in Leadership

The growing impact of female leaders on the business landscape is only beginning to be understood. In this month's insights, we explore the current state of play for female professionals, the benefits of diversity for organisations, and how to implement diversity programmes in your business.
Mar 2018
Feb 2019

Enabling Innovation to Sustaining Innovation

In the era of constant change, innovation is the key for an organisation to survive. In this month's download, we will look at how you can begin the innovation process in your organisation, how to keep on track, and how to sustain it into the future.
Feb 2018
Jan 2019

Leadership in an Uncertain World

Leaders now live in a 'VUCA' world and to remain leaders must learn to embrace this. Download 'Leadership in an Uncertain World' now and learn how the future-fit leader will be formed.
Jan 2018