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    We need a new way to execute change.

    Too often we think that change is about changing the world around us but real, sustainable change starts from within.

    Many change programmes are focused upon learning new techniques to push through a change initiative and exploring change toolkits to see which might work in your context. These ignore the primary factor behind the success or failure of any change initiative – you.

    The Leading Change programme has been designed to recognise and develop these inner capacities. Through an in-depth immersion in the Still Moving approach to leading mindful and systemic change, you will leave with tangible ideas on how to build a winning approach to your leadership of change in an increasingly disruptive and complex world.

    Programme Impacts: 

    • Understand how to practically deliver long-lasting, sustainable change in your organisation.
    • Critically evaluate your own capacity to lead change.
    • Learn how to ‘lean into’ the challenges that come during a change process – and take advantage of them.
    • Develop the mindset to perform under pressure and in shifting circumstances.
    • Filter out the noise change brings and focus on what matters.
    • Apply a set of best-practice, well-researched leadership frameworks and practices to your own change project.
    • Improve your ability to impact how your organisation designs and implements future change initiatives.
    • Motivate and lead your team more effectively during a change process.
    • Know how to communicate organisational change and match it to the strategy and purpose of the organisation.
    • An enhanced ability to spot where a change initiative is failing (and know how to correct the path).

    Start Date: Spring 2022

    Leading Change will be delivered through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which offers participants the benefits of IMI classroom programmes but with additional flexibility.

    This virtual experience is designed according to the same transformational, learner-centred philosophy that underpins our classroom experience while allowing you to balance family, your job and harnessing new learning in your time.