With IMI’s suite of Management programmes, you will be empowered with the key skills and mindsets to thrive in a competitive and rapidly changing business landscape, transforming your future potential and redefining your future.

    This is for you if you are an ambitious, forward-thinking manager or leader-in-waiting determined to hone your skills and deliver immediate results for your organisation.


    Management Bootcamp

    This programme’s for you if: You have considerable specialist experience in one area of your business and want exposure to others. Ideal for professionals aspiring to positions of greater responsibility and for experienced managers looking to widen their understanding of difference business functions.

    Next start date: 13 June 2022 (Dublin)


    Essential Skills of Management

    This programme’s for you if: You are a developing manager with at least six months’ experience. This programme will set you on the path to high performance by building on your existing management expertise and developing new competencies such as planning, problem-solving and decision-making.

    Next start date: 14 June 2022 (Dublin)


    Managing People 

    This programme’s for you if: You want to improve your interpersonal skills at any level and get more from your working relationships. Ideal for managers with a growing team. This highly interactive two-day programme is focused on managing people and relationships in the workplace, powered by our expert knowledge of human dynamics and understanding of what motivates and drives people’s behaviours.

    Next start date: 13 June 2022 (Cork)


    Frontline Management 

    This programme’s for you if: You are newly appointed to a frontline management role. You will develop all the critical abilities your initial move into management requires. This programme will support you in increasing your personal effectiveness, problem solving and decision-making abilities. Key aspects of HR including change management, building trust in teams, employment law and managing performance will also be covered.

    Next start date: 18 May 2022 (Cork) | 01 June 2022 (Dublin)


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