Masterclass Series 2016

IMI Masterclass Series 2016, in association with Zurich

Masterclass 1 Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic: Slides

Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic is a Professor of Business Psychology at University College London, visiting Professor at Columbia University and CEO of Hogan Assessment Systems. In the session Tomas spoke on the theme of confidence, in particular the perils of over-confidence, why executives would benefit from being less confident and the problem of mistaking confidence and competence in others.

Masterclass 2 Dr Mark De Rond: Slides Insights

A reader in strategy and organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School, Dr. Mark de Rond studies high-performing teams the old-fashioned way – by living with them. In this session Mark spoke on the subject of high performance teams, why they are often uncomfortable places to be and how leaders can respond positively to seven common challenges.

Masterclass 3 Margaret Heffernan: Insights

A regular TED speaker and former CEO of five businesses, Margaret Heffernan is an acute observer of human patterns of thinking and behaviour, in particular those that often lead managers and organizations astray. Margaret discussed how deceptively small measures can have a disproportionate impact on building a strong, sustainable organisational culture.