Why choose this programme?

As a sales manager, your success depends on your ability to get each person on your team to perform to their full potential.

This results-focused programme will help you boost the effectiveness of your interactions with salespeople and teams.

This programme is for you if…

Want to build a sales team
that operates brilliantly over a sustained period.

In Brief

Programme Date Programme Date:
09 May 2022
Seniority: Seniority:
Mid to Senior Career
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Breakthrough Sales Management
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Programme Dates

The next programme will be on 09, 10 and 11 May 2022.

Key takeaways

Ignite Performance

Get your sales team performing brilliantly. Utilise a coaching style and similar techniques to get your people engaged and committed.


Develop your personal leadership style. Explore the key characteristics and behaviours of great sales managers.

Grow Revenues

Maximize sales and customer retention. Identify the priority areas you and your team need to work on.

Programmes themes

Day 1 – Breakthrough sales performance
  • Take stock of your sales organisation, including key accelerators and inhibitors of its sales performance.
  • Assess your sales team, sales process and sales strategy.
  • Set a goal for performance improvement in a key area over the next quarter.
Day 2 – Breakthrough team performance
  • Map your sales team in terms of its performance relative to industry norms.
  • Explore strategies for improving sales performance.
  • Manage any areas of under-performance.
Day 3 – Breakthrough sales leadership
  • Take stock of the various aspects of your role as sales manager.
  • Analyse how you spend your time.
  • Key sales priorities and the levers used to drive performance.