In Brief

Next start date: Next start date:
Autumn 2022
Virtual via IMI Live
Duration: Duration:
7 half days over 4 months
Seniority: Seniority:
Senior to C-Level Career
Member fee: Member fee:
Non-member fee: Non-member fee:
Programme Dates: Autumn 2022

Details to be confirmed.

This programme is for you if…

You are a senior leader looking to deliver

 long-lasting, sustainable and successful change.

Why choose this programme?

We need a new way to execute change.

Too often we think that change is about changing the world around us but real, sustainable change starts from within.

The Leading Change programme has been designed to recognise and develop your inner capacity to lead change. You will leave with tangible ideas on how to build a winning approach to your leadership of change in an increasingly disruptive and complex world.

You can look forward to:

Leading Change CVI 360 Assessment

You will take an assessment examining your core state as a leader of change, exploring the aspects of your personality that may impede, or obscure, a change imitative.

Live, experiential development

You and your class colleagues will discuss real-life case studies relating to major change projects and initiatives that have both succeeded and failed.

Interactive classes and peer coaching

You will be introduced to core concepts, techniques and practical tools in interactive classroom sessions. Peer groups will be used to explore individual challenges and to create innovative solutions.

Personalised change project mapping

Working with the expert facilitators and your peers, you will be able to map the knowledge you acquire to a specific change initiative you bring to the programme.

Programmes themes

Action vs movement

Too often, leaders repeat the patterns of their past, even when trying to achieve something new. This can lead to ‘busy action’ – lots of visible movement but very little change.


The Leading Change programme will look at how to create a ‘disturbance within repeating patterns’, focusing on both how you as an individual and your organisation as a whole can cause those repeating patterns, and how to create new waves of changes that lasts.

Look within to change without

You can’t always change your environment, but you can change how you operate within it.


A key theme running throughout the programme is examining and developing your own inner capacity to lead, focusing on what biases and undesirable habits you as an individual have that will hold you back when trying to lead change.


Through disrupting your thinking and routines, you will begin to see how your personal self affects the change initiatives you lead and how a shift in your own mindset can change an organisation’s future.

Give up control to retain it

The leader with their finger on every switch is a leader who cannot see the big picture.


The front-line knows what’s happening in your organisation. In this programme you’ll look at how you can empower your people while maintaining boundaries, how to foster innovation within the change process, and how to oversee multiple moving parts and keep it on track.


Through continuous improvement in a step-by-step, managed process, you can bring real change to your organisation while bringing your people along with you.

Amplifying disturbance

A great leader of change looks for tensions at the edge. These disturbances can traditionally be looked upon as challenges to be overcome, rather than clues to find the way to real change.


By addressing key truths in a change process that leaders sometimes ignore for the sake of expediency and internal politics, you will instead learn how to use them as cornerstones towards achieve your objectives.


Too often we use old routines to get to new places; these disturbances can be the bright lights on a previously dark road.

Key takeaways

Leader of Change

Learn how you as an individual leads change and how you can lead it better.

Agile Change

Get to the heart of what really moves the dial during a change process, and course correct if necessary.

Sustainable Change

Lead change that lasts, and understand why.