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Spring 2022
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Duration: Duration:
10 weeks
Seniority: Seniority:
Senior to C-Level Career
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Leading Strategy Execution

Programme Dates

Welcome Webinar (Online): April 2022

Facilitated Workshop 1 (Online): May 2022

Webinar (Online): June 2022

Facilitated Workshop 2 (Online): June 2022


This programme is for you if…

You are a senior leader with responsibility
for steering your organisation strategically.

Why choose this programme?

Successfully leading strategy execution requires more than carrying out an agreed – and static – plan. As leader, you must give shape to a complex and changing reality and frame the future for your team.

Leading Strategy Execution will show you how to adapt to changing conditions, collaboratively leverage diverse talents, and clear away obstacles to success.

You can look forward to:

Strategy execution challenge

Disrupt your thinking and challenge your preconceived notions with a strategy execution challenge.

Expert speakers

You will get the opportunity to analyse and discuss leadership issues with experts.

Peer-to-peer coaching

You will work closely with your class colleague and will leave the programme with a valuable network of business contacts.

Insight bursts

Make sure you keep on track with our timely insight bursts when you're at your desk.

Programmes themes

Phase 1: Rethinking strategy

You will bring a real strategic challenge from your own work context to the programme. Your existing ideas and assumptions will be challenged as you are presented with new methods to successfully lead strategy execution. Roleplay and active learning will disrupt your thinking and force you to view your strategic challenge through a new lens.

Phase 2: Strategy Implementation

You will apply your evolved thinking to real-world challenges. Supported by a Peer Partner, you will develop a personal action plan as you experiment with and implement your learnings from phase 1.

Phase 3: Make strategy everyday

You will fuse new behaviours into sustainable habits, take the actions applied to your chosen strategic challenge and generalise these to any potential scenario.

Key takeaways


Embed strategies across your organisation, and make them stick. Ensure stakeholder buy-in during strategy execution.

Create Value

Create business value by driving through a strategic initiative. Find where the value lies in each individual strategy, allowing for greater focus on vital outcomes.

Collaborative Culture

Deliver strategies by creating a culture of collaboration. Create a collaborative, strategic and accurate information flow within an organisation.

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