In Brief

Start date: Start date:
Autumn 2022
Blended delivery
Duration: Duration:
10 Weeks
Seniority: Seniority:
Senior to C-Level Career
Non-member fee: Non-member fee:
Member fee: Member fee:
Programme Dates

Autumn 2022 (dates to be confirmed)


This programme is for you if…

You want to gain the focus,
resilience and wellness to effectively lead in challenging times.

Why choose this programme?

It’s a challenging and volatile time in the world of economics, politics and business. Strong leadership is needed now more than ever.

The IMI Mastering the Performance Mindset programme will teach you how to navigate complexity, perform under pressure and focus on what matters most.

You can look forward to:

Disruptive simulations

Your mindset will be disrupted and preconceived notions challenged through a disruptive experience.

Executive coaching

You will work with a leading executive coach one-to-one so you can apply new knowledge to your daily life.

Peer-to-peer coaching

You will work closely with your class colleague and will leave the programme with a valuable network of business contacts.

Expert speakers

You will get the opportunity to analyse and discuss leadership issues and your own personal performance with experts.

Programmes themes

Phase 1: Disrupt your mindset

You will immerse yourself in the themes of performance mindset, challenging your pre-existing assumptions and offering new tools and strategies of Focus, Resilience and Wellness. You will define your own context, making the link to your brain as you create a tailored transformation plan.

Phase 2: Real-world experimentation

You will apply your personal action plan to real-world challenges, experimenting with your learnings inside and outside the work environment. Armed with strategies to create more sustainable and efficient work practices and supported by an executive coach, you will translate your personal plan into improved performance.

Phase 3: Perform at pace

You will fuse new behaviours into habits, refine your personal action plan for the future and form a long-term, sustainable level of great performance.

Key takeaways


Have a laser-like focus on what’s important to your organisation. Navigate complexity and be comfortable with discomfort.


Bounce-back from setbacks and be strong against headwinds. Develop a mindset to respond and perform under pressure.


Deliver daily brilliance in the long-term. Define a personal action plan to optimise leadership performance.

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