Why choose this programme?

To lead your organisation to new heights, you need to look beyond the status quo and discover new possibilities.

Our flagship MSc in Management Practice programme gives you the opportunity to forge a new path for you and your organisation, adopting new ways of seeing, thinking and acting to drive through a strategic change initiative.

This programme is for you if…

You want to shape
the strategic future of your organisation and you have the authority to execute a large-scale change project.

In Brief

Programme Start Date: Programme Start Date:
IMI Campus
Programme fee: Programme fee:
€18,855 per year
Phases: Phases:
Duration: Duration:
24 months

You can look forward to:

Action Learning

Learning is best done through its direct application. This programme is an active investigation into your own business that produces concrete results; you don’t just describe the action, you take it.

Personal Tutor

An expert tutor will act as your personal guide throughout the programme. They will give you guidance on your change project and your own personal development, providing feedback at every stage.

Peer and Expert Strategic Review

There are several evaluation points within the programme journey that will allow you to make adjustments as required, either in your personal leadership development or your change project.

Secure Conversations

By virtue of the seniority in the room, significant conversations can be had with your peers that are conducted in total privacy, allowing you to formulate, adapt and change your thinking based on the concrete experiences of other senior leaders.

Strategic Space

You will be given the time and space to create organisation defining strategies. You will be out of the office on one Thursday or Friday of each month. This investment of your time is treated as such – an investment – and each moment is geared towards delivering a return on it.

Forging a Fresh Perspective

This programme gives you the space and the tools to look at your organisation from a bird’s-eye view and see it anew, ensuring you avoid the common trap of 'this is how we've always done it'.

Success stories

For Gareth Healy, Group Sales Director at the Healy Group, the MSc in Management Practice brought him on a personal journey as a leader and supported him opening up new revenue streams.

Key takeaways

Leadership Capabilities

Bring yourself and your senior team through real-time leadership development and define a new standard for leadership within the organisation.

Strategic Change

Develop practical business research techniques for application to business situations to drive through a concrete change initiative. Become an indispensable internal change consultant for the business.

A New Lens

Bring the organisation and its people through a fundamental organisational change. Identify what your organisation is, what its potential could be and how to evolve as a business.

Programme themes

Organisational Behaviour
  • Become aware of stakeholder needs with a future-focused approach, always remaining one step ahead.
  • Deliver for stakeholders by examining the latest thinking in purpose and value-led leadership.
Managing Change
  • Examine the optimal tools and techniques to drive change using learning.
  • Critically analyse the main execution problems and how to overcome them.
  • Map out an approach for targeted change management.
Organisational Design
  • Examine different organisational types and how to avoid the risks associated with organisational lethargy.
  • Apply organisational models analytically and diagnostically to maximise impact for you and the business.
  • Learn how to address your key business challenges in innovative ways
  • Create a roadmap for the design and execution of a strategy to carve out a competitive advantage for the business.

What our graduates say

Dr Robert Ryan
I would recommend the MSc in Management Practice to any senior leader without hesitation. I grew personally and professionally, and am glad to say the business did likewise.
Dr Robert Ryan

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