Why choose this programme?

Regulatory expectations and challenges are increasing and there is considerable pressure and scrutiny faced by those charged with managing an organisation’s regulatory environment.

The Professional Diploma in Regulatory Management will equip you with the knowledge and strategies you need to successfully navigate this fast-changing regulatory environment.

This programme is for you if…

You are working in the regulatory environment and want to broaden your knowledge, or you are senior management seeking to manage organisational risk.

In Brief

Next start date: Next start date:
May 24 2021
Location – Dublin: Location – Dublin:
IMI Campus
Duration: Duration:
6 months
On-site: On-site:
18 days
Modules: Modules:
Seniority: Seniority:
Mid to Senior Career
Non-member fee: Non-member fee:
Member fee: Member fee:
SME fee: SME fee:
Facilitation Workshops | On-site

Autumn 2021

You can look forward to:

Executive coaching

You will be offered a one-to-one executive coaching session to develop a bespoke personal action plan to accelerate your professional development.

Guest seminars with visiting experts

These sessions will give you the opportunity to analyse and discuss contemporary regulatory issues with experts.

Personal development

During the programme you will undertake a range of self-assessment instruments covering personality traits, emotional intelligence and critical thinking ability.

Networking with a diverse class group

You will work closely with your class colleagues in team activities and organised study groups and will leave the programme with a valuable network of business contacts.

Programmes themes

Regulatory strategy
  • Assess the different stakeholders’ positions and develop internal strategies to work with them.
  • Align the organisation to implement a relevant strategy.
Negotiation strategy
  • Secure optimal outcomes during negotiations and learn the principles for effective persuasion.
  • Explore distributive negotiations.
Organisational behaviour
  • Develop your ability to motivate individuals and groups.
  • Enhance capability to lead organisation and individual change.
  • Build effective, high-performing teams.
Communication skills for regulatory professionals
  • Learn to influence through professional presentations.
  • Master the art of body language and develop excellent listening skills.
  • Explore the science of neuro-linguistic programming.
Regulatory economics
  • Assess and analyse the political economy of regulation.
  • Explore theories of regulation, different regulatory models and the principle of good regulation.
  • Assess and analyse the political economy of regulation.
Risk management
  • Assess risk in a compliance environment.
  • Develop fraud detection techniques and design internal governance systems.
  • Develop a risk-based view of project management

Key takeaways

Stakeholder Management

Understand the challenges, behaviours and actions of key stakeholders in the regulatory context. Align the organisation to implement a relevant stakeholder strategy.

Manage Risk

Manage risk in a regulatory environment and clearly communicate plans and strategies to key stakeholders. Assess risk in a compliance environment and develop a risk-based view of project management.

Motivate and Lead

Better lead and motivate teams through developing the skills required of a modern professional manager. Develop your ability to motivate individuals and groups.

What our graduates say

Brendan Kenny
The course content is carefully designed to directly reflect the challenges that face personnel working in the now very important regulatory area. It also equips the participant with the leadership and management skills to excel in this domain

The benefits and skills gained from this course have translated very effectively and transparently into the subsequent work performance of candidates who completed the programme.
Brendan Kenny
Head of Human Resources, ComReg