Why choose this programme?

Today’s technological advancements will fundamentally shape how organisations operate in the future. It pays to pay attention.

You’ll learn how to harness emerging tech trends to benefit the bottom-line of your organisation with the Professional Diploma in Tech Leadership.

This programme is for you if…

You want to strategically use technologies
to shape and grow your organisation.

In Brief

Next start date - Dublin: Next start date - Dublin:
20 May 2020
Location – Dublin: Location – Dublin:
IMI Campus
Duration: Duration:
5 months
On-site: On-site:
18 days
Facilitated Workshops: Facilitated Workshops:
Seniority: Seniority:
Early to Mid Career
Non-member fee: Non-member fee:
Member fee: Member fee:
SME fee: SME fee:
Facilitated Workshops | On-site - Dublin

Facilitated Workshop 1: 20, 21, 22 May 2020

Facilitated Workshop 2: 17, 18, 19 Jun 2020

Facilitated Workshop 3: 02, 03, 04 Sep 2020

Facilitated Workshop 4: 30, 01, 02 Oct 2020

Facilitated Workshop 5: 04, 05, 06 Nov 2020

You can look forward to:

Action learning

At IMI, we use intensively practical classroom exercises and group activities to accelerate the transfer of learning back to the workplace.

Case study analysis

You will discuss real-life case studies relating to major programme themes.

Networking with a diverse class group

You will work closely with your class colleagues in team activities and organised study groups and will leave the programme with a valuable network of business contacts.

Business Opportunity Blueprint

You will develop a comprehensive Business Opportunity Blueprint that utilises strategic processes, business models and technology opportunities to create a business strategy

Programmes themes

Strategy processes
  • Discover the role of diversification and integration of technology strategy at a corporate level.
  • Using a technology focus, explore the role of strategic management in improving organisational performance
Strategy frameworks
  • Assess methods of analysing, crafting and implementing strategy.
  • Assess the value-generating capability of an organisation’s resources.
  • Understand corporate governance, ethics, reputation and responsibility from a strategic technology perspective.
Innovation management
  • Explore the role of technology in hardwiring collaboration in organisations, and its consequences in terms of culture and behaviour.
  • Understand the technology innovation life cycle and the five generations of innovation management
Business model innovation
  • Understand value creation, value propositions and current/new business models.
  • Use and assess models of innovation in different organisational contexts.
Technology trends
  • Understand the background of information technologies and their key attributes that align them with successful business opportunities.
  • Examine the impact of Web 2.0 on your organisation and the wider marketplace.
Technology opportunities
  • Explore and evaluate the suitability of traditional and non-traditional methods of investment analysis to information technology.
  • Develop a comprehensive Business Opportunity Blueprint that utilises strategic processes, business models and technology opportunities to create an applicable business strategy for your chosen organisation.

Key takeaways

Create Value

Create and capture business value by leveraging established and emerging technological trends for you and your organisation.

Technology Leader

Lead from the front in your organisation. Develop your ability and skills to exploit the capabilities of technology to create customer value and drive revenue.

Blueprint for Change

Develop a Business Opportunity Blueprint to design a transformational technological project for your organisation.

What our graduates say

Mattia Maggioli
Thanks to the Professional Diploma in Technology Leadership I now have the dual ability to devise technical solutions which address deeper and less evident business problems and I can pitch to our business leaders so that they perceive the true business value.
Mattia Maggioli
Senior Solution Manager, Product & Cloud experience IT Trend Micro European Operations Centre