Why choose this programme?

Senior team programmes are designed to get your senior leaders working together in an aligned strategic direction. Our aim is to support you in accelerating performance.

Getting your senior leaders in the same room and collaborating will allow you to develop a coherent, strategic narrative for your organisation – and then deploy it in a focussed, consistent way.

Your leaders will learn how they can complement and support each other, committing themselves to the actions you need them to take.

This programme is for you if…

You want to improve the collective performance
of your senior leadership team, aligning them in a shared strategic direction.

Client success story: Pfizer GFS-E

IMI partnered with Pfizer GFS-E (Global Financial Solutions Europe) on the ‘Leading the Future’ programme for their senior team.

Watch Padraic O’Neill, Managing Director of Pfizer GFS-E, tell the story.


35% of the variation in a team’s performance can be accounted for simply by the number of face-to-face exchanges among team members.


Only 18% of senior leaders rated their team as “very effective” with respect to their executive team responsibilities.


46% of professionals believe their organisations’ c-suite could break out of their silo and work as a team.

Programme Themes

Leading through collaboration

When senior leaders collaborate effectively, and demonstrate the impacts of that collaboration to others, overall performance can grow exponentially.

Leading through transformation

Create a transformative mindset to constantly lead organisations through change and avoid static thinking.

Innovative mindset

Challenge your senior leaders to get outside of their box so that they can think outside it too.

Leadership agility

Develop the agility required of senior leaders to navigate complexity and be comfortable with discomfort.

Aligning performance

Align performance and operational standards across geographical and cultural boundaries.


Key programme takeaways

Strategic Alignment

Get your senior leaders on the same page, wherever they are located. Align your strategic goals at the top so they can cascade throughout your organisation.

Collaborative Culture

Develop an ethos of collaboration at the highest levels. Build team cohesion and create engagement within a team to encourage innovation and growth.

Global Impacts

Have a global leadership team that works. Create communication lines at the highest levels that transmit across cultures.

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