Spring 2013 IMI Diploma Scholarships


Just how good are you really?

Four extraordinary programmes. Four extraordinary Scholarship opportunities to prove just how good you really are.

If you’re good at your job, really good, then we’d like to help you become even better with a spring 2013 IMI Diploma Scholarship.

A free scholarship place is available on each of the following four programmes:

Furthermore, IMI will also offer the top shortlisted competition applicants a 40% discount off the price of the relevant IMI Diploma.

The four winning candidates will convince IMI’s selection panel, through both a written business case proposal and by means of an interview, that they will use their participation in the IMI Diploma of their choice to both accelerate their professional development and transform the management processes of their organisation.

How to apply

To apply for these Scholarship you must fully complete and return to IMI:

  • The relevant IMI Diploma application form for the Diploma you choose to apply for,
  • An IMI “Portfolio of Learning form” that profiles your educational and professional experience, and
  • A business case that explains why your are the best candidate for an IMI Scholarship (maximum 500 words).

Please email or call freefone 1800 22 33 88 to request the aforementioned forms. With respect to the business case, please outline in no more than 500 words how you will use the IMI Diploma you choose to both: accelerate your professional development, and transform the management process of your organisatio. Any applications which do not follow this process will be automatically disqualified.

Applications may be submitted up to midnight on the 14th of February 2013. This deadline will be strictly observed. A short list of applicants will then be drawn up by an IMI panel of experts.

Short listed applicants will be contacted by phone or email (based on the contact details provided in their Portfolio of Learning form).

Short listed candidates will be called to interview to discuss their application at IMI’s National Management Centre in Sandyford.

Each applicant will attend one interview with an IMI panel lasting approximately 30 to 45 minutes. If a short listed candidate is not available for interview then they will be removed from the shortlist and replaced.

All short listed candidates will be informed of the result of the competition shortly after the closing date.


Eligibility criteria

In order to enter this competition you must hold several years of management level work experience (and/or should hold an academic qualification relevant to the subject of management at primary degree level). You must also comply fully with the conditions as laid out in the terms and conditions available on this webpage. It is essential that you familiarise yourself fully with these terms and conditions prior to completing your application.

Best of luck to all.

Terms and Conditions

The Scholarship competition will be open to 14th February 2013. All dates outlined in the application process must be adhered. Failure to comply with the stated deadlines will result in automatic disqualification. The Scholarship is open to residents of Ireland except employees of the Irish Management Institute (“IMI”), their associated affiliated or subsidiary organisations, their immediate families, agents, or anyone connected with this Scholarship. The IMI Diploma Application Form and Portfolio of Learning Form will be sent to applicants by IMI Programme Advisors programmeadvisors@imi.ieor Freefone 1800 22 33 88). IMI Programme Advisors will answer any questions relating to the completion of these forms. The 500 word (max) Business Case document should be sent to in MS Word format. IMI staff are not permitted to assist entrants in completion of their Business Case. Any business case which runs to over 500 words in length will be automatically disqualified from the competition. Short listed applicants who are not contactable via the phone and/or email addresses which are indicated on their IMI Diploma Application Form will be automatically disqualified from the competition. NO additional documentation other than the IMI Diploma Application Form, the Portfolio of Learning Form and the 500 word (max) Business Case should be submitted. No additional sections should be added to the any of the forms. Any additional documentation submitted as part of an application, including cover letters, will not be reviewed. Applicants cannot submit more than one application. The winning candidates will be informed shortly after the closing date. The shortlisted applicants granted the 40% discount will be informed at the same time. Should the winning applicants fail to take up the sponsorship offer in a timely manner the offer will pass to another candidate based on the judgement of the relevant interview panel. Should any of the applications granted the 40% discount likewise choose not to avail of the offer in a timely manner, the offer will not be extended to the next most eligible candidates, again based on the judgement of the relevant interview panel. IMI reserves the right not to award the Scholarship prize or discount if no candidates of the required calibre are identified. The decision is final and correspondence will not be entered into. Candidates must be available to commence the IMI Diplomas they select in spring 2013 and must attend all scheduled dates for the programme. The Scholarship is not open to recipients of any other scholarships being awarded by IMI or other such bodies, but is open to those who have applied for the entry to the programmes covered by this offer. The winners (of the full Scholarships and discount offering) must agree to participate in specified publicity if/when applicable. The winner’s employers should be informed at the time of application of the winner’s intent to participate in future promotional/publicity opportunities generated by the IMI  from time to time during and directly following on from their participation in the programme. The IMI will seek the co-operation and participation of the Scholarship winner’s employing organisation in mutually beneficial promotional/publicity opportunities as they arise. IMI reserves the right to corroborate the contents of the business case submitted by the winning applicants of the Scholarship with their employers. Any entrant who canvasses the IMI will be disqualified. The granting of this scholarship will be limited to one years’ tuition fees on the aforementioned spring 2013 IMI Diplomas. There will be no payment of a cash alternative to the scholarship holder. No substitution of the tuition fee is allowed. The IMI has the right to suspend the Scholarship if the Scholarship holder does not comply with the internal regulations of the institution and academic regulations of the programme. It is the responsibility of the Scholarship holder to be familiar with these regulations. If a situation occurs whereby the IMI wishes to suspend the Scholarship, the decision cannot be appealed by Scholarship holder. The IMI reserves the right to change or amend the nature or terms of this Scholarship by provision of written notice to the successful Scholarship holders at any time. IMI will not be in a position to provide feedback to any applicant/unsuccessful interviewee regarding the quality of their business case or reasons for non-selection for interview, the discount or the overall granting of the scholarships. The successful entrants will be required to sign an agreement with the IMI pertaining to the terms and conditions as outlined, but not limited to, those above.