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We are the sum of many parts and that’s what makes us different!


IMI Journey diagramWe took the professionalism, commercial pragmatism, and flexibility from the world of consultancy. From the world of academia, we took the intellectual rigour, the talent, the frameworks and best practice. We melded the two and adapted it to enhance your journey /experience and ensure that the results are visible to you. Through this unique approach, we have been able to deliver on our mission ‘to raise the standard of management in Ireland’ and pioneer the development of executive education in Ireland for the last sixty years.

Your Journey

Our Approach

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Context Setting

You gain a clear understanding of the objectives and goals for the solution as we challenge your assumptions. You set targets as we help you evaluate the potential impact of the transformation.

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Needs Analysis and Discovery

We take the time to explore with you the context and heritage of your business and your motivation to act. We delve into your critical business priorities and identify the challenge areas.

Together we define what success should look like and co-design the solution.

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The Solution/ Transformation

You own the change and build the business case for the solution in your organisation.

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Design and Develop

We provide you with the best-in-class designs and research (which are contextualised and personalised) and equip you to identify the various directions/alternatives you and your organisation can achieve.

Together we agree on the final elements of the solution, logistics and level of service.

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Your People

You empower, energise and align your people towards a shared ambition for your organisation.

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We develop the skills and capabilities of your people in areas critical to success. Using our global associate network made up of over 200 industry-focused educators, coaches and mentors, we ensure that the fit in the classroom is correct to realise your programme’s goals.

Together, we track the progress of your solution using our ‘Impact Indicators’ TM and adapt the solution in real time where required.

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The Impact/Results

You create a legacy by embedding these new capabilities and new ways of working in your organisation to create a lasting impact and build a future-fit organisation.

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We make sure that the solutions being implemented are achieving the goals set out initially, are tested thoroughly and are benchmarked globally.

Together, we ensure that the transformation imagined has been realised to your expectations/ to its potential.

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