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Increase your leadership impact with this action-packed programme for aspiring women leaders.

This programme will give you the time and space to explore, develop and articulate who you want to be as a leader and the contribution you want to make to your work, your life, your organisation and the communities or markets you serve.

Taking the Lead will help you develop accelerators like purpose, empowerment and your personal brand, and challenge you to address inhibitors like unconscious bias and traditional power dynamics.

Taking the Lead will:

  • Give you feedback on your leadership style
  • Enable you to develop or reinforce your vision and goals
  • Help you navigate your way through complex executive roles
  • Empower you to create real change in your career and industry

This programme is for you if… You are an aspiring or developing woman leader who is hoping to accelerate your career and personal development.

Start Date: 04 April 2023

Download the brochure and explore how you can become a catalyst for your own and your organisation’s success.