Talent Forum 2016

Talent Forum 1

People Lessons from a Pop-Up Organisation

Rob Jones is Head of Organisational Effectiveness at Crossrail, the £15bn  programme to deliver a new railway for  London. Described as a values-led  ‘pop-up’ organisation, it is interesting  because it involves many different organisations, across several industries, all collaborating under the one umbrella. With 14,000 people, most not directly employed, the challenge to create an integrated team is massive and involves not only aligning the culture, but also a complex supporting framework.


Talent Forum 2

Talent Management – What’s the Evidence?

In this session, Rob Briner, Prof. of Organisational Psychology, University of Bath and Eric Barends, MD, Centre for Evidence-Based Management, put talent management under the microscope. They challenge some of the traditional thinking behind talent management shaped almost 20 years ago by The War for Talent – including the idea that potential can readily be identified in complex roles and that the best organisations have the best people.

Talent Forum 3

Talent that Derails

Adrian Furnham is Professor of Psychology at University College London, a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and is among the most productive psychologists in the world. Since 2007 he has been nominated by HR magazine as one of the 20 Most Influential People in HR. In this session, Adrian will offer insight into what causes leadership derailment, why talent fails and what senior HR practitioners can do to raise the level of thinking on talent strategy.

Talent Forum 4 

Turning Talent Data into Real Information

Shlomo Ben-Hur is a professor at IMD, an organisational psychologist and an expert in talent intelligence. In this session, he will explore how organisations can transform the value and impact of their talent intelligence – an accurate understanding of their peoples’ skills, expertise and qualities – to improve decision-making, change behaviours and ensure talent management and development activities are built on an accurate understanding of their talent.