Your Future Job Spec?: Internal Trainer

In our ongoing discussions with people about their options for personal development we’re hearing about a new role: that of the internal change agent.

insider training

These new roles might be called internal coaches, master trainers, or performance consultants. They are emerging due to an increased focus on engagement and personal performance in an environment of stretched resources. Regardless of the title their mandate is the same – to contribute to the engagement, collective effectiveness and individual self-esteem of their colleagues.

Internal coaches and trainers can come from anywhere in the business – many individuals begin by developing skills training colleagues and and move to the next level, perhaps eventually gaining coaching qualifications.

And the trend looks set to continue; the 2013 Ridler Report shows that internal coaching and team coaching are expected to grow significantly over the next three years. Those that are skilled in this area are highly valued for their ability to contribute to the bottom line of the company’s financial statements.

In a recent post on Challenges Facing the Internal Coach, John Raymond on the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL) blog refers to a significant growth in the numbers of internal coaches due to more accessible training in these areas and a tendency to look internally rather than to outsource. he notes “as the development dollar gets squeezed, I predict the role of the internal coach will increase, and so should the support structures surrounding them, enabling them to succeed.”

Are you a potential fit for this type of role?

• Does your role increasingly involve helping others take on new skills or responsibilities?

• Are you passionate about developing peoples’ skills, increasing their knowledge and positively influencing their attitudes?

If the answer to both of the above is yes then you might be a valuable internal change consultant in your organisation.

Vincent Foster is involved in Marketing and consumer trends at IMI.  

If you’re interested in developing your skills in this area IMI runs the Master Trainer programme, a three day intensive programme on driving training and development of individuals for better performance. The next programme starts on 2nd December 2013 at IMI, Dublin.  For more information click here or contact us directly on or 1800 22 33 88.  A €500 trainer kit containing exercises and materials to transform any session into a highly interactive learning experience is available to the first 10 eligible participants.