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Ben Davern

Ben Davern

26th Apr 2024

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Complex Leadership Challenges in the AI Age

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The business landscape is being reshaped by digital transformation, automation and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and solutions. Less explored is how this paradigm shift brings forth new opportunities and challenges for leaders, and how the role of leadership is evolving. Leaders are not only tasked with driving their organisations through technological adoption, but also meeting the changing needs of an evolving workforce, overcoming ever-increasing skills and capability gaps, and trying to innovate amidst complex regulatory challenges. AI is not the cause of these challenges, but the 2023 explosion of AI into the global business consciousness adds great additional complexity to already complex issues and accelerates the need to find solutions.

In our comprehensive whitepaper, we look at:

  • Why AI has been called the defining technology of our time
  • Challenges and opportunities at the organisational level, specifically focusing on the relationship between AI and workplace culture
  • The need for upskilling and capability development at the wider national level, with particular focus on Ireland’s vulnerability to AI and automation
  • International regulatory challenges, specifically around producing regulation that drives innovation while protecting the rights of individuals and societies

To receive your copy of the brand new whitepaper, please email marketing@imi.ie.

Download the White Paper

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