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Future Subsidiary Leaders

Course Overview

Accelerate the capabilities and mindsets needed for effective FDI subsidiary leadership.

Irish subsidiaries need to develop future site leaders who can strategically manage the organisation at global level and contribute to strategic decision-making. These future subsidiary leaders must be agile, resilient and display leadership maturity.

In tandem, their ability to identify value-adding opportunities for investment and innovation in the subsidiary must be enhanced to safeguard and future proof its success. IMI, in association with IDA Ireland, has designed the Future Subsidiary Leaders Programme to address these needs and to develop ‘ready now’ leaders capable of stepping into these roles. This programme is for you if you want to elevate and develop the capabilities and mindset needed for your high-potential candidates to successfully lead the subsidiary.

Programme Details

Programme Start Date
02 October 2024
IMI Campus Dublin and Online
7 months
Senior & Future FDI Leaders
Programme Fee
€32,000 per participating organisation
Future Subsidiary Leaders
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Future-Focused Blueprint
Develop a future-focused personal leadership blueprint in the context of subsidiary strategic leadership and make your succession plan the foundation of better business outcomes in the long term.
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Participant Feedback
95% of Future Subsidiary Leaders respondents said that they feel confident to apply their new skills and ideas.
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Greater Clarity
Create a specific and focused talent capability requirement and development plan.
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Build Your Case
Formulate a plan to introduce value-adding improvements or innovation opportunities for the subsidiary. Conduct initial scoping of the business case for these as you turn insights into action.
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