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Professional Diploma in Strategy and Innovation

Course Overview

Unlock the full potential of your organisation’s future. 

Shape the future of your organisation with a strategic roadmap tailored to thrive in tomorrow’s landscape. Dive into a transformative journey that redefines innovation as the cornerstone of your operations. In a world marked by uncertainty, mastering the art of innovation is paramount for sustainable success. 

The Professional Diploma in Strategy and Innovation equips you with the vital tools and insights to drive continuous innovation at the forefront of your industry. Through a blend of global faculty expertise and peer learning, chart your own course towards organisational excellence. 

You’ll conduct a comprehensive strategy audit to pinpoint areas of growth and optimisation. This is crucial for delivering strategic success. The programme is tailored for mid to senior leaders responsible for shaping strategy and driving innovation within their organisations.  

Programme Details

Programme Start Date
16 October 2024
IMI Campus, Dublin
18 days over 6 months
Middle to Senior Career
Programme Fee
Professional Diploma in Strategy and Innovation
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Evaluate challenges
By fully understanding your business model, you’ll assess your macro environment to identify potential game changing events and possibilities.
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Lead strategy
Undertake a key role in defining and delivering your organisation’s strategy, embedding innovation as a core function of your organisation.
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Strategic roadmap
Develop a practical, well-informed strategy for your business or organisation.
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Commercial Innovation
Bring new ideas to market. Discover how to create an innovation policy for your organisation and how to both assess and improve your innovation performance.
Programme Director

Jonathan Westrup

Jonathan Westrup is an expert in the areas of business, organisational and regulatory strategy and corporate governance. An expert facilitator and executive educator, Jonathan specialises in working with senior teams in designing and implementing their organisational strategies. He was formerly a director of NCB Stockbrokers and is currently a non-executive director of NEAM Asset Management.

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