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Managing People

Course Overview

Why are working relationships so important? Because people make businesses work.

This highly interactive two-day programme is focused on relationship management and building interpersonal relationships, both in the workplace, and in a hybrid or remote setting. This could be with staff, peers, other managers or stakeholders.

Programme Details

Programme Start Date
27 March 2024
IMI Campus Dublin
2 Days (consecutive)
Early to Mid Career
Programme Fee
Managing People
Total €1,500
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Leverage Relationships
Influence and lead those around you. Improve your interpersonal skills at any level and get more from your working relationships, whether they are in person or remote.
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Understand the ‘why’ behind human behaviour. Take a deep dive into human dynamics and discover the power of psychological safety and trust.
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Conflict Resolution
Deal with difficult situations. Develop your understanding of how to manage those around you, both in person and remotely, and how not to manage them.
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