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Communicating for Performance

Course Overview

Most people believe that they can communicate, but can they communicate effectively?

This three-day programme will show you how to listen, provide feedback and avoid common mistakes made in communication.

Communicate – Learn how to be an effective communicator.

Adapt – Develop the tools you need to answer tough questions on the spot.

Influence – Understand the psychology of influencing techniques.


Programme Details

Programme Start Date
21 August 2024
IMI Campus Dublin
3 Days (consecutive)
Early to Mid Career
On Demand Available
Programme Fee
Communicating for Performance
Total €2,285

Tailored Programmes

In-house programme available

Every option in our full suite of short programmes is available in a tailored format, where it will be delivered to your staff only. If you have a cohort of 10 or more people for a specific programme, we can partner with you to define your unique challenges and , where necessary, adjust our content to meet your specific needs, shaping the opportunities for growth within your organisation. Talk to us about your requirements today.

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Influence People
Learn how to influence people, read body language, think on your feet, answer tough questions, and be assertive.
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Assertive Leadership
Lead people effectively. Gain the confidence and competencies to communicate and lead stakeholders across your organisation.
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Make everything you say matter. Develop your ability to communicate with clarity, brevity and impact.
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