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Leading with Strategic Intent for FDI Multinationals

Course Overview

Contribute greater strategic value to corporate headquarters and increase the influence of your leaders on the international stage.

Senior leadership teams in Ireland’s foreign multinationals are being challenged to become more strategic in terms of their influence and impact. To show unique value, leaders must leverage the strengths of their Irish divisions with a show of capabilities and efficiencies that cannot be easily replicated elsewhere.

The Leading with Strategic Intent programme has been designed to address the critical challenges facing leaders in multinationals, from building and sustaining a sphere of influence and developing a transformative mindset to navigating cultural complexities and building a pipeline of future leaders.

Develop a transformative mindset in your senior leadership team, enhancing their readiness for sudden change. Proactively influence the strategic direction of your subsidiary and communicate the value you generate back to corporate headquarters. Define a strategic vision with specific actions to identify opportunities and develop innovations, working with mentors who lead global organisations.

This programme is for you if you want your Irish leadership team to greatly improve their strategic influence and impact on an international level.

Programme Details

Programme Start Date
24 September 2024
IMI Campus Dublin and Online
10 months
Senior Leaders Working in FDI Multinationals
Senior FDI Leaders
€35,000 per participating organisation
Leading with Strategic Intent for FDI Multinationals
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International Influence
Make Ireland central. Allow your leaders the space and tools to strategically influence decision-making at corporate headquarters.
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Strategic Vision
Stop thinking about today and start influencing tomorrow. Leave with a concrete strategic blueprint for your organisation going forward.
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Create Value
Define how your Irish office creates and adds value to the corporate headquarters. Define strategies to grow and innovate, and communication tactics to make sure the story is heard internationally.
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