Why choose this programme?

We live in a world where change is the only constant. This is doubly true for the world of business.

This two-day programme will provide you with the skills to introduce and implement change in your organisation.

This programme is for you if…

You are seeking to introduce,
implement and embed change within your organisation’s setting.

In Brief

Next start date - Dublin: Next start date - Dublin:
07 December 2020
Location – Dublin: Location – Dublin:
IMI Campus
On-site: On-site:
2 days
Seniority: Seniority:
Mid Career
Non-member fee: Non-member fee:
Member fee: Member fee:

Change Management

Programme Dates

07 & 08 December 2020


Programmes taking place on-site at IMI’s campus will be delivered in accordance with the most up-to-date HSE & Government guidelines.

Key takeaways

Change Champion

Become a change agent in your organisation. Implement and embed change within your organisation's unique setting.

Embed Change

Go beyond the surface level. Overcome resistance to change, communicate it effectively and embed lasting change within your organisation.

Sustain Change

Embed new thinking, permanently, and shape the future of your organisation.

Programmes themes

Day 1 – Understanding and managing change
  • What is change and how it affects people and organisations.
  • What are the barriers and enablers to change.
  • The impact of change on teams.
  • How to manage change.
  • Introducing change.
  • Communicating change and getting buy in.
Day 2 - Managing change and embedding behaviours
  • How to ensure change happens.
  • Making it stick.
  • Changing behaviours.
  • Communicating success.
  • Dealing with resistance.
  • Dealing with difficult people.
  • Developing a culture of change.
  • Being change able.

What our graduates say

Barry Tierney
The focus on the role of communication and stakeholder management in change management was extremely valuable and has prompted me to increase my focus on internal communication. I’ve formed a team of influencers around me from within the business to help prioritise and advocate change – this is a direct result of the programme. My aims for the programme were exceeded.
Barry Tierney
Vodafone, (Head of Transformation)