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06 November 2023
IMI Dublin Campus
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Early to Mid Career Managers
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Micro Credential Micro Credential
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Strategic Leadership Essentials
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Why choose this programme?

The Strategic Leadership Essentials short programme is essential for individuals seeking to understand the core principles of effective leadership and management. It provides a solid theoretical foundation, clarifies the distinction between leadership and management, and explores diverse leadership styles and strategies. You will gain valuable insights into employee engagement, organisational performance, and personal leadership development. Moreover, you will connect with peers from different industries.

This programme is for you if…

You’re a manager looking to enhance your leadership skills and understand the vital roles of leadership and management in maintaining effective organisations.

Key takeaways


Understanding of the differences between leadership and management, and how to effectively navigate both roles in an organisational context. Understanding of latest leadership theories and the ability to apply them to create an inclusive and sustainable leadership practice.

Enhanced Performance

Understanding of the profound impact of leadership on organisational performance, and insights into employee engagement and motivation. Self-awareness about your unique strengths, leadership potential and style.

Diverse Strategies

A versatile toolkit to adapt your leadership style to different situations and challenges. Strategies to develop high-performing teams that deliver results.

Programmes themes

Leadership Fundamentals

Explore the essence of leadership, including its meaning and the traits that characterise effective leaders.

Leadership Styles and Models

Participants will delve into both classical and contemporary leadership theories and models, gaining insights into diverse approaches, from trait and behavioural theories to transformational and servant leadership.

Leadership and Organisational Impact

Understanding the impact of leadership on organisational performance and the critical role leaders play in shaping an organisation’s success.

Employee Engagement and Motivation

Learn about the psychological states and behaviors associated with employee engagement, focusing on how leaders can motivate and engage their teams to drive performance and success.

Practical & Comprehensive Approach

Gain valuable insights from the visiting experts, a toolkit or framework, cutting edge psychometrics, experiential sessions, practical case studies and group discussion.

What our graduates say

Rachel O’Donoghoe
We felt like a team that could tackle the world come the end of the 2 days. To be reassured that you are not the only one who has to overcome both unique and common obstacles in your working life is amazing. I absolutely loved the programme and found it hugely beneficial.

Rachel O’Donoghoe
The Scion Spirits Company Ltd, Sales & Marketing Manager

Micro-Credential Pathway

Strategic Leadership Essentials is available as a micro-credential, a bite-sized and accredited programme awarded by UCC. When you embark on the micro-credential journey, you take control of your own development as you update your knowledge in a flexible and customisable way. The fee for micro-accreditation is €165.