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Leading in Cyber Security

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As companies become more digital, they leave themselves exposed to newer and more dangerous threats. But what about the people who deal with those threats and safeguard organisations?

The global cyber security industry is expected to reach $2.66 billion by 2027. Like with any high growth industry, new challenges invariably arise. Skills and talent shortages, issues with employee retention, highly skilled technical individual contributors being promoted to leadership roles without the requisite skillset or management training.

Solving these challenges requires leaders with a different skill set.

Leading in Cyber Security will help you build a critical awareness of your leadership style, allow you to become an effective and influential communicator, develop your emotional intelligence and ability to cultivate engagement and wellbeing within your team.

Instil a dynamic, agile and flexible mindset into your team while navigating a world that is hyper-connected, hyper-disrupted, and where today’s business models may not be relevant tomorrow.

Programme Details

Programme Start Date
Spring/Summer 2024
Facilitated Workshops
6 days
Mid-high potential
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Leading in Cyber Security

Develop the key skills leaders need to succeed and thrive in the cyber security sector. This programme will focus on sharpening these skills, building confidence and empowering them to take their leadership to the next level.

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Strong Power Skills
Expand behavioural and thinking skills, with specific focus on emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.
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Participant Feedback
100% of respondents on Cyber Security said that they were provided with new ways of thinking.
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Growth Mindset
Understand the importance of continuous learning to include both technical and power skills.
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People Management Skills
Learn how to manage people and teams more effectively to cultivate a culture of engagement and wellbeing for strong performance and retention.
Unlock the leadership skills required for the Cyber Security industry with this specific industry designed programme.
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