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Professional Diploma in Organisational Development and Transformation

Course Overview

Take charge of change. Design and deliver transformational change that will drive your organisation forward. Change is the only constant, and leading change is the great challenge of the modern leader. With the world in flux, the Professional Diploma in Organisational Development and Transformation will support you delivering strategic change at the highest levels and throughout your organisation.

  • Communicate, lead and deliver organisational change.
  • Discover how to plan and structure organisation-wide initiatives.
  • Explore how to deal with politics and conflict within the organisation.

This programme is for you if you are interested or involved in the process of managing change.

Programme Details

Programme Start Date
11 November 2024
IMI Campus, Dublin
18 days over 6 months
Mid to Senior Career
Programme Fee
Professional Diploma in Organisational Development and Transformation
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Technique Toolkit
Takeaway a toolkit of frameworks and initiatives which will enable you to develop organisational-wide initiatives and intervention plans, including coaching, mentoring, and communications.
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Lead Change
Plan, structure, communicate and lead organisational change initiatives – and measure their effectiveness. Develop and recommend a strategic organisational development intervention for a particular organisation.
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Stakeholder Influence
Develop effective strategies to influence and deal with politics and conflict within your organisation. Influence the factors that drive effective organisational development.
Programme Director

Laurence Knell

Laurence Knell specialises in working with senior business leaders and their teams to achieve breakthrough results through enhanced focus on strategy, innovation and performance. He is a leading management consultant with 20 years’ experience working in the consultancy, technology and transportation sectors and has a track record of delivering organisational change, strategic realignment and business growth both as a consultant and as a leader within organisations.

Hear From Past Participants

Lucia O’Reardon recently took part in the Professional Diploma in Organisational Development & Transformation. We met up with her during the experience to hear about how it was going.

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