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Programme Date Programme Date:
18 April 2024
IMI Dublin Campus
Workshop Time Workshop Time
Half Day (Morning)
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Seniority Seniority
Senior Leaders
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AI for Senior Leaders
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Why choose this programme?

This programme equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to understand, implement, and harness the potential of artificial intelligence, enabling data-driven decision-making and fostering innovation.
You will learn to manage AI-related risks, navigate cross-functional collaboration, and gain a global perspective on AI adoption. Additionally, through case studies and peer sharing, you will develop the critical thinking needed to deliver an organisational roadmap for AI adoption.

This programme is for you if…

You want to develop and master the strategic outlook required to implement AI in your organisation, thereby fast tracking efficiency and growth

Key takeaways

Strategic AI Integration

Graduates gain a deep understanding of how to strategically integrate AI into their organisations. They learn to identify AI opportunities, manage AI projects, and align AI initiatives with broader business goals. This strategic acumen enables them to make informed decisions about AI adoption and implementation.

Effective Leadership in the Digital Era

The program equips senior leaders with the leadership skills necessary for navigating the digital age. This includes change management, fostering innovation, and building cross-functional teams that can effectively harness AI for organisational growth. Participants learn to lead with a digital mindset and adapt to rapidly evolving technological landscapes.

Comprehensive Knowledge of AI Trends and Ethics:

Participants develop a strong grasp of current AI trends, including the ethical and regulatory considerations surrounding AI. They understand how to manage AI-related risks, ensure data privacy, and make responsible decisions in AI adoption, ensuring that their organisations operate in an ethical and compliant manner while utilizing AI to its full potential.

Programmes themes

Understanding The Foundations of AI
  • AI – Definition, Origins, Evolution and Everyday Usage
  • Understanding AI Technologies
  • AI as a Combinative Technology
  • The Future of AI
Unlocking Business Value from AI
  • Use Cases Across Industries
  • Use Cases of AI in Different Parts of the Value Chain
  • The Role of Data in AI
AI Ethical and Legal Considerations
  • Legal and Regulatory Landscape
  • Understanding the Black Box
  • AI Ethics and Bias
  • Managing AI Risks
  • Developing an Ethical AI Framework


Leading AI Transformation
  • AI Leadership
  • Preparing Your Organisations
  • Integrating AI with Business-as-Usual
  • Cultivating an AI-First Culture
Developing An AI-Infused Strategy
  • Integrating AI into the Strategic Planning Process
  • Aligning challenges, opportunities and use cases to strategic business objectives
  • Managing deployment approaches, investment costs and benefits realisation
  • Mobilising for Success

Join globally recognised AI & Digital experts Larry Stapleton and Tony Moroney on this superb immersive experience.

Hear from a Past Participant

Dan Carroll, Owner & CTO at Xcentuate Management Solutions, attended a previous run of the AI for Senior Leaders programme, and found the peer learning and case studies to be key in understanding how AI can develop and transform businesses.