Why choose this programme?

The importance of negotiating as a business skill cannot be overstated.

From tactical approaches to practical techniques, Advanced Negotiation Skills will challenge your existing skill set and work to improve it.

It will help you prepare for complex negotiations and show you how to avoid common mistakes.

This programme is for you if…

You want to
master the art of negotiations.

In Brief

Programme Date Programme Date:
13 June 2022
Location: Virtual Location: Virtual
2 Days
Seniority: Seniority:
Early to Mid Career
Non-member fee: Non-member fee:
Member fee: Member fee:

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Programme Dates

The programme will run on 13 & 14 June 2022. It will be delivered via the IMI Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to your desktop. This virtual experience is designed according to the same transformational, learner-centred philosophy that underpins our classroom experience.

Key takeaways


Know when to push and when to pull. Respond to hard bargaining tactics, build trust and bargain effectively.


Identify and build on your strengths. Be more confident in yourself and what you’re selling.


Go behind the meaning to find the value for all parties, maintaining good relationships even in high pressured negotiations.

Programmes themes

Session 1: The fundamentals of negotiation
  • Understand how a goal focus positively impacts negotiation.
  • Explore negotiation – the concept.
  • Common mistakes in negotiation.
  • Distinguish distributive and integrative negotiation concepts.
  • Start to Develop your diagnostic tools.
Session 2: Putting it into practice
  • Display your skills.
  • Distributive Negotiation.
  • Splitting the difference.
Session 3: Understand the process of negotiation
  • Understand the four-step process of negotiation: preparation, opening, bargaining and closing.
  • Harness the power of preparation.
  • Conquer the three elements of opening: building rapport, anchoring and setting the scene.
  • Conduct an effective bargaining process: learn and practice practical strategies, tools and tactics.
  • Research on more effective negotiators
  • Make an effective close
Session 4: Putting it into practice
  • Display your skills.
  • Integrative Negotiation.
Session 5: Your personal negotiation style
  • Adapt your style to the situation.
  • Ten nightmare tactics employed in negotiations and how to countermand them.
  • Action planning for strategic success in mutual gains negotiations with clients.
  • Harness the six principles of effective persuasion.

What our graduates say

Rachel O’Donoghoe
We felt like a team that could tackle the world come the end of the 2 days. To be reassured that you are not the only one who has to overcome both unique and common obstacles in your working life is amazing. I absolutely loved the programme and found it hugely beneficial.

Rachel O’Donoghoe
The Scion Spirits Company Ltd, Sales & Marketing Manager