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Building High-Performing Hybrid Teams

The hybrid working model has led to a rethink on employee productivity for leaders. For teams to maximise their performance, there must be an agreed understanding of the conditions needed for each person to perform at their best, as well as understanding of the corresponding elements needed for the team to collectively perform.

From a leadership perspective, this may encompass a wider view of team productivity which includes the fostering of social connections between teams for greater collaboration, which contributes to longer-term business success.

In our latest listicle, we go deeper on this topic and share four ways to make a decisive and sustainable step change in your hybrid team's performance.

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Building High-Performing Hybrid Teams

IMI Talking Leadership Podcast

Peter Cosgrove, a prominent thought leader on the future of work, shares his insights on the emerging trends, how the employee-employer relationship is evolving and why the power is in our hands as leaders to chart a course for the future.

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