Why choose this programme?

We take developing leaders and put them through their paces.

This unique programme will help you to learn about yourself and how you interact with and manage others. It will help you to identify and build on your strengths and to recognise and learn to overcome personal leadership challenges.

This programme is for you if…

You are an experienced manager and/or a developing leader who wants to examine and master your leadership style.

In Brief

Programme Date Programme Date:
16 May 2022
Location Location
IMI Sandyford
Duration: Duration:
6 days
Seniority: Seniority:
Mid Career
Non-member fee: Non-member fee:
Member fee: Member fee:
High Impact Leadership
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Programme Dates

Programme (On campus: Dublin)
16 & 17 May 2022
15 & 16 June 2022
13 & 14 July 2022

Key takeaways


Engage and inspire your followers. Master how to interact, influence and engage those around you to inspire great performance.

Authentic Leadership

Be an impactful leader true to yourself. Examine your own leadership style and apply it to your everyday work.

Higher Performance

Overcome personal obstacles to peak performance. Build on your strengths, broaden your perspectives and step up to your next leadership challenge.

Programmes themes

Personal development
  • Develop personal presence and impact.
  • Work at peak performance.
  • Develop leadership flexibility.
  • Discover and maximise individual style.
  • Solve problems creatively.
Managing others
  • Master the science of human motivation.
  • Influence and persuade others.
  • Express ideas concisely and clearly.
  • Build and lead a high-performance team.
  • Give and receive feedback effectively.
  • Manage and use conflict in a productive way.
  • Understand the differences between individuals.

What our graduates say

Karen Bracken
I took the lessons of the programme and used them directly with our management, finance and sales teams. As a result, we are now a more united organisation. Our teams are performing better and are more passionate about their jobs as a direct result of the programme. We have become better communicators and more inclusive, leading to a direct impact on our output and we’ve also increased revenues as a result.
Karen Bracken
Jacksonstone Recruitment Consultants, Manager