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Mentoring is a critical leadership development opportunity and a key element of any human capital strategy designed to attract, retain, develop and maximise an organisation’s key talent capability.

The IMI/30% Club Network Mentor Programme offers organisations the opportunity to participate in a unique cross-company initiative designed to deliver an exceptional mentoring experience to your high potential talent mentees and your senior executive mentors. With over 2,000 mentors and mentees taking part in the programme since its establishment in 2015, places are always in high demand.

Through our rigorous matching process, a mentee and mentor from different companies will be matched and take part in a 12-month, virtual programme.

The Profile of a Mentee

Mentees are high potential individuals with a minimum of ten years experience.

Mentees will get the opportunity to develop and practice a more personal style of leadership, while gaining access to the insights of the mentor. Becoming a mentee can bring a renewed enthusiasm and job satisfaction, along with enhancing their confidence in dealing with challenges.

The Profile of a Mentor

Mentors are individuals with extensive professional experience and a strategic remit within their organisations (C-level executive / Senior Manager). Mentors will work on a one-to-one basis with a single mentee only.

The mentor gets to draw on the different perspectives of the mentee, and is afforded the opportunity to see challenges through a new lens. Through participation, the mentor can also develop their interpersonal skills and increase their visibility and reputation in their organisation and beyond.

Key Programme Objectives:

• To deliver a cross-company, cross-sector mentor network that will complement existing programmes in the Irish market and within individual organisations.

• To bring together experienced leaders and mid-career high potential individuals focused on professional and personal development.

• To enhance leadership capability in your talent pool.

Deadline for Applications: 6th November 2024 Launch Date: 4th December 2024

The Network Mentor Programme is part of IMI corporate membership. Transform level member organisations have one complimentary cohort (comprising 2 mentors and 2 mentees) per 12 month membership period.