In Brief

Next start date: Next start date:
October 2021
Location: Location:
IMI Virtual Learning Environment
Who is it for: Who is it for:
ICT Professionals who are technology experts and who are now required to develop leadership skills
Workshops: Workshops:
4 Workshops / 6 Days
Duration: Duration:
4 months
Unsubsidised Fee: Unsubsidised Fee:
it@Cork member subsidised fee: it@Cork member subsidised fee:
€2,400 (€2,000 for second/subsequent candidates)

This programme is for you if…

You have reached an inflection point in your career and need to embrace a wider set of leadership skills that complement your technical expertise.

Why choose this programme?

The Leadership Development Programme for ICT Professionals in the Southern Region will develop participants’ mindset to become true leaders in a tech space.
By advancing their leadership style, fusing it to an ability to manage strategic agendas with the best talent, participants will be able to lead their organisation into the future.

Participants can look forward to:

Facilitated workshops

Facilitated by experts, a series of workshops will be used to explore key themes and questions, and how they can be applied to your context.

Business Mentoring

Business mentoring will be provided on an individual basis with a Programme Director. This will allow participants to experience a more personalised element of the programme in order to enhance their leadership potential.

Mini Masterclasses

The programme will include a number of minimasterclasses from an expert panel experienced in a broad cohort of leadership topics.

In-company ‘Experimentation’

Actively test out models, skills and behaviours from the workshops and fine-tune them for continued practice. The experiments are self-managed and can be individual or group based.

Key takeaways


Position and understand your role as leader in the broader context of business value.

Take ownership with confidence of your leadership responsibilities and create followership among your team and reports.

Strategic Thinking

Translate strategy into meaningful action and movement through clear and strategically aligned decision making around technology, people, innovation and change.

Learn how to balance operational thinking and action with strategic decision making.

Talent and Networks

Identify vital talent and capabilities, and plan how to attract, develop and retain these in the competitive environment of technology.

Build networks across the organisation, the ecosystem of technology and wider industry.

Programmes themes

Workshop 1: Role of the tech leader

An exploration of what leadership means in this environment with insights on current best practice and research and discussion
on common challenges faced by the cohort and how these can be addressed.
In uncertain environments, such as we are in, leaders with purpose will be the catalysts within their  organisation for driving lasting change. This module will also include discussion around the ‘point of change’, and how leaders can successfully navigate through this point to become both a tech visionary and a business leader.

Workshop 2: Leading people and teams

A. Focus on ‘you’
Concentrating on your ability to create a strong executive presence, become adept at strategic decision making and  learning how to truly master a performance mindset.
By understanding how to influence and impact stakeholders, you will be able to lead your organisation with vision and purpose through the challenges ahead – creating a longlasting legacy for others to follow.

B. Focus on ‘your team and org’
An exploration of emerging insights on the future of work, work design, leadership and motivation at work drawing on organisational development, behavioural science and neuroscience, followed by discussion on role modelling, followership, team leadership and talent and performance management in a technology environment.

Workshop 3: Strategic Execution and Change

Maximising your strategy
Understanding the different elements within your working environment which feed into translation of vision into strategy and direction.  Building a culture that understands the vision and goals of the organisation and ensuring alignment between all business units with all barriers removed.

Workshop 4: Stakeholder Management with Simulation exercise

Being able to influence and persuade your stakeholders is key to your success as a leader. The ability to navigate ambiguity will depend on their trust in you, the leader. Effective understanding of these stakeholders, along  with their triggers and expectations will all be factors in your success.

Programme Partners

Leadership Development Programme for ICT Professionals in the Southern Region has been developed in association with it@Cork and it@Cork Skillnet to address challenges specific to the tech industry and in response to the Project Ireland 2040 for the Southern Region report.