• Duration: 12 Days
  • Location: Dublin
  • No Date Available

The Future of Financial Services Leadership programme will allow you to align leaders across divisions towards the transformation – digital and otherwise - demanded of organisations in the sector.

  • Duration: 10 Months
  • Location: Dublin, Cork
  • Next Programme: 16 September 2020

Senior leadership teams in Ireland’s foreign multinationals are being challenged to become more strategic in terms of their influence and impact. To show unique value, leaders must leverage the strengths of their Irish divisions with a show of capabilities and efficiencies that cannot be easily replicated elsewhere.

  • Duration: 24 months
  • Location: Dublin
  • Next Programme: 12 November 2019

The IMI Graduate programme gives your graduates and developing talent the commercial acumen, leadership and thinking skills needed in the workplace – problem solving, critical thinking, communications, and working in teams.

  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Location: Dublin
  • Next Programme: 26 November 2019

The IMI Hospitality and Tourism Strategic Management Programme, created and delivered in partnership with Failte Ireland, is designed for organisations wishing to create a competitive advantage in an unpredictable marketplace.

  • Duration: 15 Days
  • Location: Dublin, Cork
  • Next Programme: 25 March 2020

A range of programmes to address specific skill requirements in business outside of the managerial area. These short programmes are targeted at delivering maximum value in a concentrated learning experience.