Why choose this programme?

The Professional Diploma in Leadership aims to dramatically enhance your practical leadership skills, awareness, impact and judgement.

We’ll help you master the skills you need to be a more confident, well-rounded, and inspirational leader.

This programme is for you if…

You are looking to master your
own style of leadership and create a followership around you.

In Brief

Next start date: Next start date:
04 April 2022
Location: Location:
Blended Delivery
Duration: Duration:
6 months
Facilitated workshops: Facilitated workshops:
Seniority: Seniority:
Mid Career
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Member fee: Member fee:
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Professional Diploma in Leadership

Facilitated Workshops | Virtual & Onsite

This Spring 2022, Facilitated Workshops will be a blended format. Some classes will be via the IMI Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to your desktop, and some classes will be onsite at the IMI campus in Dublin.


You can look forward to:

A theatre-based leadership workshop

Work on your leadership communication and presence with professional actors in one of Dublin’s leading theatres.

Personal coaching

You will receive one in-depth personal executive coaching sessions.

Inspiring guest speakers

Each month an influential senior leadership figure visits the programme to deliver a lecture.

A 3-day practical leadership skills workshop

This takes place at the Killary Adventure Centre in Connemara. You’ll embark on a series of challenging daytime and night-time leadership exercises.

Programmes themes

The meaning of leadership

Understand how to lead effectively in different environments, take ownership of your personal leadership development and set out key objectives for you and your organisation.

Leadership ethics and social responsibility
  • Examine how to create shared values in an organisation, create your own framework for ethical decision-making and explore ethical corporate governance and culture.
  • Discover your own leadership psychology, learn how to better motivate individuals and teams, and strengthen your ability to attract and leverage followers.
The psychology of leadership
  • Conduct a personal psychometric and 360 analysis.
  • Explore the psychology of motivation and the leadership/follower relationship.
  • Examine the lessons from sports psychology and leadership.
Leadership in action

Put your leadership skills into action through an outdoor experience at Killary Adventure Centre.

Leading teams in a global economy
  • Explore how to lead local and global teams.
  • Learn how to navigate and leverage cultural differences and devise strategies for improving multicultural teamwork.
Leading change
  • Explore how to lead local and global teams.
  • Learn how to navigate and leverage cultural differences and devise strategies for improving multicultural teamwork.

Key takeaways

Change Agent

Lead change in complex environments and different organisational structures. Develop your ability to communicate organisational change and improve your influence on stakeholders during the change process.

Impactful Leader

Become a more inspirational, impactful leader. Develop your ability to impact the leadership culture, processes and needs of your organisation.

Authentic Leadership

Discover your leadership self. Develop a detailed understanding of your leadership style and enhancing your capabilities.

What our graduates say

Pat Ryan
This programme will bring you to the depths of personal self-discovery in a challenging way. An innovative and powerfully self-reflective programme that will change how you lead others and principally yourself.
Pat Ryan
Process Excellence Manager, Glanbia Ireland