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Shaping Your Leadership Identity

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Shaping your leadership identity as you build your leadership skills 

This immersive on demand programme will take you on a journey of discovery helping you reflect on your personal values and motivation as you create your leadership brand. Participants will understand the key features that differentiate a leader from a manager and embrace a growth mindset, as they set themselves and others up for success.  

Through DiSCTM self-assessment, you will understand your unique behavioural style and strategies for engaging with others, your needs and your preferred environment.  Through reflection and exploration coupled with insight into leadership best practices, you will emerge as an impactful leader, true to yourself.  

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Programme Start Date
20th May 2024
IMI Campus Dublin
2 days
Mid Career
On Demand Available
Programme Fee
Shaping Your Leadership Identity
Total €1,645
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Embrace a Growth Mindset
Understanding the differences between a manager and a leader, adopt a growth mindset embracing possibilities and opportunities.
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Identify your Leadership Brand
Through reflection and exploration of your personal values and motivations, supported by your DiSCTM self-assessment, you will go on a journey to identify your Leadership Brand.
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Be an impactful Leader
Emerge as an impactful leader, armed to set yourself and others up for success.
Identify and shape your leadership identity
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