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Adaptive HR

Course Overview

The Adaptive HR Programme offers a comprehensive approach to prepare HR professionals for the evolving landscape of work. Through a blend of immersive full-day workshops held on the IMI campus and convenient two-hour webinars, participants will gain insights and strategies to navigate the complexities of the future of work. This programme is designed to bridge the gap between outdated HR models and the demands of the modern world, empowering HR leaders to become strategic assets driving organisational purpose, agility, capability, and human experience.

Participants will emerge from the Adaptive HR Programme equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the dynamic workplace environment. From creating effective blueprints for HR strategy and structure to understanding digital HR and people analytics, this program offers practical tools and methodologies to tackle systemic complex problems collaboratively.

By demystifying the future of work and embracing a human-centric approach, participants will not only enhance their own capabilities but also elevate the impact of HR within their organisations, building credibility and influence with the C-suite and board. With a focus on evidence-based learning and real-world application, the Adaptive HR Programme empowers HR leaders to lead transformation and shape the future of work with confidence and purpose.

Programme Details

Programme Start Date
14 May 2024
IMI Campus Dublin & Virtual
Facilitated Workshops
4 Days + live webinars
(See FAQ's for dates)
Mid to Senior Career
In house programme available
Programme fee
€3,500 per participant
€9,500 per group of three
Adaptive HR
Total €3,500

Tailored Programmes

In-house programme available

Every option in our full suite of short programmes is available in a tailored format, where it will be delivered to your staff only. If you have a cohort of 10 or more people for a specific programme, we can partner with you to define your unique challenges and , where necessary, adjust our content to meet your specific needs, shaping the opportunities for growth within your organisation. Talk to us about your requirements today.

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Future Work Clarity
Gain a deep understanding of the future of work, enabling you to navigate and anticipate the complexities and trends shaping the modern workplace landscape.
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Strategic HR Vision
Develop the expertise to craft a forward-thinking people strategy aligned with the evolving needs and demands of the organisation, ensuring readiness for future challenges and opportunities.
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Adaptive HR Framework
Learn to design and implement a future-fit HR target operating and interaction model, fostering agility, efficiency, and effectiveness within the HR function.
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Talent Optimisation
Acquire a comprehensive understanding of skills-based talent management, enabling you to effectively identify, develop, and deploy talent.
Dr Marianne Roux

Programme Director

Marianne has 30 years global experience with a background in management consulting having worked for Accenture, PWC, Deloitte and Mercer in technology and change, leadership, strategy and transformation.

She has also held two People/Human Resource Director roles, in South Africa and in Australia both with major transformation, alignment and growth agendas. Currently she runs Roux Consulting, a global leadership and transformation advisory firm.

She has multisector experience including Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Education and Health, Energy, Financial Services, Construction, Government, Health, Aged Care, Construction, Sport and ICT.

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